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Posted May 23, 2020, 9:05 a.m. by Lieutenant Julien Smith (Doctor) (Julia Hager)

“Then I think we should perhaps ascertain WHAT is going to be gained by the Taurus Pact and WHAT the earth alliance is WILLING to give up!”

As the man and his companions walked into the auditorium there was a sudden hush and then everyone began to exclaim about the Heleen draped over the Brikar’s massive shoulders.

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Stark Nightstalker CIO

Vander, CoS

Orvos turned to the Athena delegation, “Introductions are in order, This is M’k’nz’y of Calhoun, Xenexian Captain of the Excalibur, his first officer Commander Elizabeth Shelby and the mountain is his security chief Zac Kebron”.

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“Cool, hello,” Kingston said, decidedly distracted. It was stupid; unbelievably so. But Janna wasted no time and stood in front of the prone form of Laraan, acting as a shield of sorts. But she knew the action would be rather clear. She understood that the Heleen was not the same person as her colleague and supervisor, but at the same time, she also understood that if the Athena crew allowed anyone to kill this woman, then anything they might have accomplished in terms of peace negotiations would be utterly ruined.

The Taurus delegation looked a lot less certain of themselves now that the newcomers had entered the room. This was obviously Orvos’ “ace” he had been waiting for as the ship now above in orbit would even the odds against the task force the Taurus pact had intimated was waiting nearby.

“Have you asked them? Maybe without trying to threaten them? Because you know, often you can get more with a show of good faith than you can lobbing accusations and threats.” Janna shrugged. “Just my experience talking.”

~Janna Kingston, ACNS

Eddington looked at the other delegates, “OK, ok, we can discuss what it is that you want, even though you haven’t earnt it, we can call it a downpayment on what it is that you’re going to be helping us with, in the decades to come.”

Thot Gor let off a large diatribe of machine speech. Orvos translated, “He said that we can start by giving them the Heleen”.

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Janna shook her head. “No. Absolutely not,” she said flatly. “You’ll have to kill me to get to her and if you do that, I can guarantee these talks are doomed.” Her green eyes stared down the contingent unflinchingly and she didn’t dare look at her crew mates.

~Janna Kingston, Assistant CNS

Julien reached the shuttle, went inside without heeding Stark’s plea. “The others can take care of the situation as well, as soon as I have you restored, I can return to the house as well.” he said, while helping Stark onto a makeshift bed and running a full scan on him.

  • Julien Smith, Doctor

Stark’s electrolytes were way down and his blood was having to work hard to keep everything functioning, other than that he was in no immediate danger.

Meanwhile inside Thot Gor was about to take a step towards Janna when Azrene stopped him. There were some whispered communications between the two of them and then reluctantly Thot Gor backed down.

The floor bucked slightly as the continuing seismic disruptions and matter transfer played havoc with the core of the planet. Everyone looked around nervously for a second.

Azrene continued quietly, “We do not ask for much, ” he brought up a holographic representation of the quadrant with a small area cordoned off in red. “This area and its resources will suffice”.

Eddington’s eyes narrowed and he whispered to the Athena delegation, “There’s not a lot of dilithium or other resources in that belt… but Rura Penthe is bang smack in the middle of it”.

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OOC: Sorry for some delays in my replies, RL issues had cropped in. I had read up on the scene so far but I guess I was a little lost on just the location Konral might have been right now. If I could just get a small heads up I would be very grateful. :)

~Steven Sigle

OOC Everyone is inside apart from Julien and Stark who are in Athena’s shuttle outside. You can choose to have followed the two out to the shuttle or be inside where the negotiations continue. The confusion is my fault, I should have split the thread. Sorry about that.

Julien put the necessary medications into three hypos that he gave Stark in the right succession, they should at least stabilise him, although he would still feel depleted. If only the real Laraan were here now.
“You’ll feel better in a bit, but it’s only the meds, you can’t fight anytime soon Stark, you’ll fold like a leaf.... unless we could get to your wife.” he said.
- Julien Smith, doctor

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Stark nodded slowly coming to himself. “Been a hell of a day,” he said grimacing, then his stomach growled slightly, “and it’s not even lunch yet”.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Konral patted the outside of the door as he looked in at the pair as Julien tried her best to fix Stark up. His eyes dark and looking he smirked a bit. “I catch up to you just to find out you need food… feels about right.” Konral said wondering if the replicator worked to give him anything as he stepped in.

“Still, worse things you could have said after that; how is he?” Konral asked, masking his worry he was trying to keep his mind on what was needed here. He looked back out towards the facility feeling a sense of dread with it all. Mirror universe was not on his list of places to return to back to out of nostalgia.

Vander, CoS

“Steak,” Stark said definitively, “This is a day that requires steak, raw”.

“Hasn’t lost his appetite, fine let’s get that to you while Julien checks you over.” Konral said as he left briefly before coming back as Stark became propped up. “Not sure you are a seasoning guy… and I am fairly certain I never seen you use a knife or fork so here you go.” Konral said with a wink.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Stark ripped into it, devouring it in mere seconds his throat convulsing as he ripped chunks of flesh and swallowed them. His bloodstained chin quivered slightly as he growled slightly, “You have my thanks” he said in a strangely ritualistic fashion.

“So… what do we think about his injuries?” Konral asked Julien, worried a bit about his friend but trying to stay focused all the same.

Meanwhile, inside the meeting hall, Eddington was conferring with the Romulan’s over the Taurus Pact’s latest demand for territory with Rura Penthe smack bang in the middle of it. The Brikar took Laraan off his shoulder and cradled her in his massive arms in a gesture that seemed far too tender and dextrous for someone of his size. MacKenzie’s eyes sparkled with a bit of mischief as he nudged his first officer Elizabeth Shelby.

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Janna turned and eyed the group that had brought Laraan in, rather uncertain what they had intended with their apparent prisoner. Either way, she didn’t trust them one bit. Bringing Laraan here had been a certain death sentence and Janna wasn’t about to let anyone execute anyone in front of her, regardless of what they might have done. But with these newcomers behind her and the rest of the conference’s guests in front of her, she was well aware of the danger she was in. A part of her had quickly come to terms with that danger, knowing that there was no one here currently that entirely understood what danger a moderate injury would present to her.

The Athena crew really shouldn’t be having a say in who got what out of these peace talks. They didn’t know the small details that could make or break the socio-political situation that existed here. At best they could make them take a step back and consider what kind of group they wanted to create. If they wanted something that resembled the Federation then they had best be prepared to set their egos aside for the good of all.

Folding her arms across her chest, Kingston looked between the two groups with an expression that maintained her self-created ‘bad cop’ persona. A feint to be sure, but one that had been working so far.

~Janna Kingston, ACNS

M’k’n’z’y whispered something to Eddington who’s eyes bulged a little and then he gave a chuckle. “Done!” he said exuberantly, “Will there be anything else?”.

Thot Gor went to point at Laraan and then the Brikar holding her boomed out, “You want her, come and take her!”.

No one moved…

Azrene smoother over the moment. “I think we’re done here, we can hammer out the wording and then sign in the appropriate way”. He looked very satisfied.

Orvos conferred with Eddington and then came and stood near the Athena contingent. “Wheels within wheels,” he said cryptically.

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Vander, CoS

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Janna eyed Orvos for a moment and then looked at the rest of the contingent. Well, that went better than I thought it would. “Congratulations,” she said sincerely. “You’ve taken your first steps.” She glanced at Kaylee and gave a small nod of gratitude to the diplomat.

Kaylee nodded in agreement. “Yes this is an important moment for you all. Please don’t let it be for nothing.”

~Janna Kingston, ACNS

A Gorn aide suddenly appeared at the door and ran down breathlessly to confer with his superiors. M’k’n’z’y muttered “Grozit!” and Orvos whispered urgently to the Athena delegation. “Be prepared, we might have to make a quick exit”.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Kaylee nodded. She was ready for anything that might come their way.
-Kaylee Baxter

Vander, CoS

Julien took another scan. “He’ll be just fine, his energy just has been almost fully depleted when he volunteered it to Laraan who is not his wive in this universe!” Julien said and gave Stark a quick mock scolding look. “The wound is healed, but you’ll need a long session with your own wife in order to get you fully restored.”
For a few seconds his eyes became distant and his focus shifted. Then he gave Konral a worried look.

“Could you check up on a current status on the ship and the away teams, I think somethings … afoot.” he said and raised a quick eyebrow to stark, tapping a finger to the right side of his head.

  • Julien Smith, doctor

Stark lolled his head which was as close as he was going to get to acknowledging the sign. He looked out the back of the shuttle towards the meeting room and sighed. “Who would have thought after all these years that I’d start turning into an emotional sap… I’d ask you to slap me but I’m aware of how much damage that would do”.

Konral eyed the two as he felt something was off. His telepathy told him Julien wasn’t quite being upfront on something, and while Stark was at times harder to read Konral wasn’t sure either. “Why do I get the feeling you two are just trying to get rid of me?” Vander asked with a discerning look as he turned to look back at the conference area. The truth was though it wasn’t a bad idea, but he learned to trust his abilities to sense other’s too.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Inside the meeting hall, Azrene stood to his full height with Thot Gor standing next to him looking menacing, Zogozin was conferring with aides slightly further back.

“It seems that someone has seen fit to obliterate the research station on Rura Penthe, anyone care to comment on that?”

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OOC I had planned for some cross-communication between the Athena and this delegation throughout apprising them as to what was going on but I confess that I didn’t make it happen, so please forgive me and pretend that you know pretty much EVERYTHING that was going on there. Thanks :-)

Vander, CoS

Julien pinched his nose. “I’m not trying to get rid of you, we’re both Starfleet officers on the same away team, we work to the best of our abilities to make the away team mission a success. Part of away team protocol is for the highest ranking officer to stay in communication with command and guide the away team. Now I’m doing my job as doctor here, Stark was doing his job until he got into a blast that would have killed a human being, and here we are, waiting for you to do your job!” he said in a contained voice, speaking his mind in the best respectful way he could muster for the COS that seemed to have everything on his mind, except for doing his job.

  • Julien Smith, doctor

“I am doing my job, vigilance is never a thing to forget.” Konral said, there was so much trying to keep track on this planet having to have a pretentious Doctor try to lecture him on protocol was the last thing he wanted or desired.

The continual rumblings of the planet’s internal turmoil mirrored the frustrations felt within the conference room. The Taurus pact members we’re conferring with each other. Finally, Azrene reiterated his question.

“I believe that the destruction of the Rura Penthe research station requires we renegotiate our agreement”.

Orvos nailed the ambassador with a look, “What did you intend to do with this “highly illegal and highly suspect” research station anyway? Surely you weren’t going to use what you found there to strengthen your position in the quadrant?”

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OOC: I have to apologize I’m just a tad bit lost here and not sure what to do next. Please forgive me.

OOC No need to apologise, Basically The Taurus pact wanted a settlement of an area of space and then they would join the Alliance. Within that was the Rura Penthe Science research station which just got blown up by the Mirror Enterprise. They are upset, but others are wondering what they wanted the facility for in the first place. A good place to start would be to reiterate Orvos question above and ask why suddenly that whole area of space is worthless to them based on the destruction of one small research station.


“Why would one station influence your decision?” Kaylee asked them. “Surely there is more worth to the region than simply one science station. It does appear that your singling out this specific station could be cause to speculate that you have an ulterior motive.”

-Kaylee Baxter

That question hit home and the three leaders conferred before answering, Azrene taking the floor. “Such information as could be found in that research station should not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands, that is our only concern!”

“Well I believe that is no longer of any concern,” Kaylee said. The station was out of play now, and they would either accept the deal of find more reasons to stall. She looked over at Orvos to see if he had anything else to interject. In the back of her mind, she wondered where the Athena was and what was going on with everyone else.
-Kaylee Baxter

The three leaders conferred, voices tense. Azrene and Thot Gor seemed to be coming to an agreement when suddenly a disruptor appeared from nowhere in Zogozin’s reptilian fist aimed squarely at Azrene.

Eddington, Orvos and M’k’n’zy went stock still as they watched the drama of an Alliance in peril right before their very eyes.

Stepping outside Vander presses his com badge as he surveyed the area. =Vander to Athena, what is our status? = Konral asked, they needed more information for sure and this whole mirror universe trip was growing thin for him.

Vander, CoS

The relay in the shuttle replied to his message, =/\= Athena is currently out of range =/\=

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Julien’s right ear picked the shuttle computer’s reply up inside the shuttle and he knew Stark’s ears would have as well. He looked into Stark’s eyes.
“I don’t like this. It all seems disjointed. This is an away team with a supposed mission, not a leisure cruise, we’re missing leadership here. I hate this feeling of being a puppet of some destiny, a faceless puppet master who whisks us from one universe to the other, expecting us to figure it out while the ship and crew are yet again in mortal danger, oh, and of course the universe as well. I so understand why it makes Ghubi feel helpless and angry. This is not the kind of stuff you sign up to Starfleet for.” he ranted in a low voice, giving Stark a half smile, aware that he was whining. “I guess I still miss command. At least there, I feel like I could actually help her, give her something to lean on.”

  • Julien Smith, doctor

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