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Posted by Lieutenant Laraan (Counsellor) in CNS Office, Psyche Eval - Va’rek

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Va’rek (Engineer) in CNS Office, Psyche Eval - Va’rek

Posted by Lieutenant Laraan (Counsellor) in CNS Office, Psyche Eval - Va’rek
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Laraan nodded and went to the replicator, got two cups of tea and came back with them, placing them carefully on the little coffee table in front of them. Then she took a seat in one of the chairs opposite to him and leaned back with her cup, taking a sip, and placing it back, a soft smile on her lips.

“So, tell me. Why have you decided to hold onto your emotions?” she asked.

  • Laraan, CNS

His arched brows rose slightly, giving a visual clue that her question had been unexpected. The Vulcan opened his mouth as if to speak but then frowned and seemed to reconsider. Va’rek had been in Starfleet a while now and was used to humans and other species making assumptions about the Vulcan Culture and Physiology, so it took him a few seconds to assess that Laraan’s question had been completely valid, unlike many who simply assumed that all Vulcans had no emotions.

After a moment, he replied rather flatly (and in typical Vulcan fashion). “Not all Vulcans undertake the Kolinhar or the purging of all emotion. The ritual training is arduous and can last as long as two years. In some cases, it can even be physically dangerous to the Disciple. I merely followed the course of my own warp theory studies to their completion… A human might say that I ‘never got around to it’.”

He lifted the teacup with slender engineer’s fingers and took a small sip.

-Lt. J.G. Va’rek

Laraan smiled. “There is still a decision behind that. If one wants something, then one usually finds a way to do it. You don’t have to tell me dear. It’s just, from all the Vulcans that sat with me here, they all had rather strong reasons for or against the Kolinhar.” she sang.

  • Laraan, CNS

Va’rek said nothing at first, choosing instead of think for a long moment. Finally, he took a long sip of tea.

“I had not thought about it in that way. However, it is logical… to make no decision to act, take no stance… is to indeed make a decision.”

Again he fell silent for a few moments, remembering. His brows furrowed, and if anything there was almost a sadness in his expression. “My family…” Va’rek began slowly. “We never paid much attention to philosophy or ritual. We are scientists, engineers. For generations, my family has worked on propulsion theory and shipbuilding. It has been this way for a… long time.” His hazel eyes seemed fixed in the middle distance, gazing at nothing. “My elder brother and I used to play at rituals when we were children, but our father chided us for wasting time on foolish things. He told us to study and to learn and to work.” The Vulcan’s voice was low. “My brother became my father’s right hand, and I was left to do largely as I pleased. Perhaps it was simply a rebellion that led me to join Starfleet. However, I wanted to do my own work, my own way.”
Va’rek’s voice drifted away into silence.

-Va’rek, Engineer

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Laraan nodded. “Well, that’s a very worth reason to start living your own life. It always starts with leaving the nest and to endeavour to find your own way, instead of living your parent’s idea of your way is a great thing to do. YOu are lucky to have made this choice. How has that choice treated you so far?” she asked with a soft smile.

  • Laraan, CNS

The Vulcan stared blankly for a moment before breaking his reverie and taking a sip of tea and trying again to meet Laraan’s eye. “I have been quite satisfied until recently… I believe the human term ‘Time to pay the piper’ might be a fitting metaphor.” It was somewhat un-Vulcan to fidgit, but he found it difficult to keep his hands still around the teacup. “I received word last month that my brother was killed in a lab accident… I am finding it …quite difficult… to deal with.”


“I’m sorry to hear that, my condolences. Death is never easy to deal with. There is usually one dominant emotion connected with it. For some it is anger, or loneliness. For others it is incredulty or regret. How does it make you feel?” she asked.

  • Laraan, CNS

The Vulcan was silent for a long moment, trying to sort and separate the wash of emotions he was trying hard not to feel. “Anger. At him, myself, our father. I have not spoken with my father or my brother for several years. I feel regret that this has been the case… However, my father wishes me to leave Starfleet and come home to take my Brother’s place. The fact that he views our family in these terms is one of the reasons I chose not to be part of it any longer. If it were one emotion or the other, perhaps I could control it.” He shook his head. “Perhaps I should have gone through with the ritual.”


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