Aboard the Starbase - The Likable Hornet

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Turning her focus to the redhead, Viyara mustered her intently, her lips slightly pursed and one eyebrow raised. This was certainly getting more and more interesting.

In a corner of the room, a young lady with her back to the conversation flinched slightly at the sound of the voice.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Ky’Laria’s eyes shot open, and she spun with calm but purpose to fixate on the woman who had flinched. The redheaded woman who had approached them did not need the Kuras’ attention; she was doing plenty to make her presence known. But this other woman’s reaction might have been an innocent coincidence… though the redhead hadn’t been that jarring.

Karina frowned. While she hadn’t seen the woman behind her flinch, she noticed the red head joining them. It troubled her that bars were the place for information. Their loudness being a two set phaser. One setting meant you didn’t have to worry about many folks overhearing, or caring, what you talked about. The other setting meant your voice had to be raised to be heard… and sometimes other people heard.

As the woman asked about the ship, she sat back a moment and looked at her curiously. “Well, he claims they just up and vanished into one. I, for one, don’t believe it.” Unfortunately, she did believe it. The question was, who sent the Athena there, and why? She took another sip of her drink and wished she either hadn’t come back so soon, or hadn’t left the Athena in the first place.

She felt like she had stepped into a right Ferengi mess.


-Ky’Laria (Walking Sensor Array)

Without turning towards them the dark-haired woman stood and made her way out of the exit.

Out of the corner of her eye, Viyara saw the dark-haired woman leave the bar and followed her with her gaze as best she could, turning on her seat in the process.

The bartender was a bit flustered by all the sudden flurry of attention. “I only repeat what reputable people tell me,” he said defensively.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Karina had her back to the crowd and didn’t see the dark haired woman leave. She laughed at the bartender, her hand reaching out to touch his fingers to draw his attention to her. “And what reputable sources would you refer me to if I wanted more information?” She had leaned in enough to keep her voice low so no one else would hear unless they were directly beside her.


“Why, she’s sitting right over…” the bartender’s words peeled off as he realized the expert he was going to refer them too was no longer sitting where he thought she was. Then he caught glimpse of her leaving the bar and pointed soundlessly at her retreating back.

The woman turned briefly as she went out the door. Her face was Asian and immediately recognizable as the woman on the PaDD the Base Commander had given them.

Turning her focus back to the redhead, Viyara leaned towards her and asked with a mischievous smile, “Why are you so interested in the Athena?” Was it a coincidence that all these people asking about the Athena should be in the same bar at exactly the same time? She surely didn’t believe that was the case. And why did the other woman leave so suddenly? For a brief moment her heterochromatic eyes flickered towards Ky’Laria, but then she looked the redhead straight in the eyes again, waiting for a reply.

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Karina took note of the woman and then smiled back at the bartender. “Well, since I lost her… I guess I got you.” She slid her empty glass slowly towards him in a teasing manner. “I’m sure you can offer up a bit more info that I’m sure you heard from such a reputable source.” She leaned in closer and smiled just a bit brighter. She’d find out what she could from the man then head out. She wasn’t any good at tailing and she knew it. “Can you refill that while I use the little girl’s room? I’ll be rriiggghhhtttt back.” She winked and moved to the bathroom.

Once out of sight around the corner, she pulled out the small comm she had been given to raise the alert that the target, the woman, had been located.


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