Main Sim - Bridge: A Mid-afternoon Anomaly.

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When the Computer completely ignored her command to stop the Tubolift, Luka struggled to hide how pissed off she was about it. It seemed each time she did something in an attempt to help the situation, it had no tangible effect, or it made things worse. At least the security field still went up, as a shimmering blue wall of forcefield was erected around the entrance to the turbolift, surrounding the intruder.

  • Luka, XO

The force-field unfortunately worked both ways preventing R’han from shooting… that was disappointing.


Liam looked at the forcefield with something akin to disdain. “Trust issues, I see. Granted the last time we met I was somewhat out of mind but after you were so kind as to lock me in the stasis chamber I had somewhat of a vision with a strange but forceful bald man with ebony skin. He told me the Prophets had a job for me to do and so here I am.”

Merri started and looked meaningfully at Barclay who’s eyebrow shot up.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Ghubari was momentarily stunned, but as usual her poker face was exceptional. So he had a run in with Sisko, too. With the forcefield up, she knew she wasn’t in any immediate danger, and moved around the bridge closer to Madison. Her pale amber eyes picked him apart and at least as an empath she’d know if he was lying to her. “I’m listening. What is exactly that the Prophets want you to do?”

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Irritation flickered across his face, “It was all extremely vague, but the man said that an aurora would show me the way… whatever that was supposed to mean”.

Barclay’s head came around so fast that several vertebrae popped loudly, he clicked his fingers and grinned widely, “It’s all coming together”.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Koraia shot Barclay and unamused expression. “Care to explain?” she said simply. There were so many moving parts in all this insanity that she was having a hard time keeping it all straight in her head.

Nodding to R’han, Ghubari inwardly sighed. “I think we can drop the forcefield for now, but try anything, and I can guarantee there is more than one person on this bridge ready to shoot you,” she told Liam.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“It might be more prudent to keep it up until the oxygen is all used.” R’han commented loud enough for everyone to hear. The Federation reluctant to execute their enemies created more problems than it solved. That being said, he de-powered the force field.


Luka put the forcefield up again. “Did you fail to hear what they said? Shooting Liam will not hurt him. In fact, it will make him more powerful!” She growled slightly at R’han.

“That still doesn’t rule out suffocation.” R’han said emotionlessly.

Barclay looked askance at R’han for a second and moved slightly further away. Liam made no threatening moves as Barclay answered the Captain’s question. “Only our Orvos and Iliana Ghemor know the full plan of the Prophets in bringing you here but they did tell me that we’d find someone on Rura Penthe who would be able to help… and here he is”. Barclay grinned while keeping a weather eye on R’han’s movements.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist


Ghubari searched Barclay and Liam at length and knew they were telling the truth. “Help how?”

It was at that point that Orvos hailed the Athena, requesting visual.

“On screen,” Korai said.

Upon answer, Orvos’s face would appear on the viewscreen of the Athena. “Captain, we have a guest aboard that may be able to help us in fixing a broken crystal we found at Rura Penthe.” He ushered both Isabel and Aurora to come into view.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

OOC: Sorry, my fault about the shooting Liam thing. I knew that and just forgot as I was writing that day.
“It’s not a crystal as you know it,” Ghubari said softly. “And we need to get it back to Risa immediately. How is it exactly can it be mended?” She wasn’t sure why she didn’t want to say orb aloud, but this whole quest had felt deeply spiritual since her experience with Sisko and she had been inclined to elaborate. Her crew trusted her and that’s why they were here in the Mirror Universe in the first place.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Merri spoke up at this point. “We’re not entirely sure, but we do know it has to happen at the receptacle on Risa and that certain people have to be present.” She looked grim, “We have to be careful because the Wraiths will be sure to try and stop us, they’re stuck here in this dimension and would like nothing more than to cross into yours”.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

R’han wasn’t much into wraiths and the connected factors. It was all to mythical for him. Perhaps there was a scientific defense.


Luka listened without commenting. She knew little about the Bajoran Prophets, despite their similarity to the beings her people worshipped. She quietly wondered what Lune might think of all this. If Lune could even hear her prayers from this universe…

Luka, XO

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