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“I am doing my job, vigilance is never a thing to forget.” Konral said, there was so much trying to keep track on this planet having to have a pretentious Doctor try to lecture him on protocol was the last thing he wanted or desired.

The continual rumblings of the planet’s internal turmoil mirrored the frustrations felt within the conference room. The Taurus pact members we’re conferring with each other. Finally, Azrene reiterated his question.

“I believe that the destruction of the Rura Penthe research station requires we renegotiate our agreement”.

Orvos nailed the ambassador with a look, “What did you intend to do with this “highly illegal and highly suspect” research station anyway? Surely you weren’t going to use what you found there to strengthen your position in the quadrant?”

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OOC: I have to apologize I’m just a tad bit lost here and not sure what to do next. Please forgive me.

OOC No need to apologise, Basically The Taurus pact wanted a settlement of an area of space and then they would join the Alliance. Within that was the Rura Penthe Science research station which just got blown up by the Mirror Enterprise. They are upset, but others are wondering what they wanted the facility for in the first place. A good place to start would be to reiterate Orvos question above and ask why suddenly that whole area of space is worthless to them based on the destruction of one small research station.


“Why would one station influence your decision?” Kaylee asked them. “Surely there is more worth to the region than simply one science station. It does appear that your singling out this specific station could be cause to speculate that you have an ulterior motive.”

-Kaylee Baxter

That question hit home and the three leaders conferred before answering, Azrene taking the floor. “Such information as could be found in that research station should not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands, that is our only concern!”

“Well I believe that is no longer of any concern,” Kaylee said. The station was out of play now, and they would either accept the deal of find more reasons to stall. She looked over at Orvos to see if he had anything else to interject. In the back of her mind, she wondered where the Athena was and what was going on with everyone else.
-Kaylee Baxter

The three leaders conferred, voices tense. Azrene and Thot Gor seemed to be coming to an agreement when suddenly a disruptor appeared from nowhere in Zogozin’s reptilian fist aimed squarely at Azrene.

Eddington, Orvos and M’k’n’zy went stock still as they watched the drama of an Alliance in peril right before their very eyes.

While she could be impulsive and throw herself in the line of fire, there was such a thing as a pointless gesture, especially under these tenuous circumstances. Janna was still protecting the prone form of Laraan with a defiant look, but even she looked aghast as the weapon was fired. What did they do? Janna, stupidly she realized, reacted, as she only could and still live with herself: she moved quickly to Azrene. “Guard Laraan!” she called out as she moved swiftly. They had the shuttle. Stark was already down and hopefully would make it back to the Athena, but she wanted to know if they even had a need for medical aid or if the whole negotiations just crumbled into nothing in a single moment.

~Janna Kingston, ACNS

In the standoff that was ensuing the last thing Zogozin had expected was someone walking straight towards them with furious intent. He took a step back with the gun still leveled at Azrene’s face.

“I will not permit my people to be abusssed in thiss manner” he said flatly.

Suddenly the tremors they had been experiencing intensified into a full-on earthquake. The whole place started to buck and heave and people scattered, some under tables, some for the exits

Stepping outside Vander presses his com badge as he surveyed the area. =Vander to Athena, what is our status? = Konral asked, they needed more information for sure and this whole mirror universe trip was growing thin for him.

Vander, CoS

The relay in the shuttle replied to his message, =/\= Athena is currently out of range =/\=

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Julien’s right ear picked the shuttle computer’s reply up inside the shuttle and he knew Stark’s ears would have as well. He looked into Stark’s eyes.
“I don’t like this. It all seems disjointed. This is an away team with a supposed mission, not a leisure cruise, we’re missing leadership here. I hate this feeling of being a puppet of some destiny, a faceless puppet master who whisks us from one universe to the other, expecting us to figure it out while the ship and crew are yet again in mortal danger, oh, and of course the universe as well. I so understand why it makes Ghubi feel helpless and angry. This is not the kind of stuff you sign up to Starfleet for.” he ranted in a low voice, giving Stark a half smile, aware that he was whining. “I guess I still miss command. At least there, I feel like I could actually help her, give her something to lean on.”

  • Julien Smith, doctor

Stark grunted agreement, “This has all the hallmarks of a run-in with Q, but if it was he would have popped up and gloated by now. Whoever these puppetmasters are they have absolutely no idea about the art of buy-in.” He sighed, “I wish the Athena was here, it feels disjointed to be here without her in orbit”.

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