Starbase 157 - Amongst the Bustle

Posted May 28, 2020, 12:57 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Lane Grauagen (Medical Researcher) (Crissy N)

Posted by Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (Weaver of Webs) in Starbase 157 - Amongst the Bustle

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Lane Grauagen (Medical Researcher) in Starbase 157 - Amongst the Bustle

Posted by Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist (Weaver of Webs) in Starbase 157 - Amongst the Bustle
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“I would check those orders again later, just to be sure.” Markus’ mouth curled upward, as Isaac’s eyes darted back towards him, “You know how headquarters like to change their mind.”

If only “headquarters” had done so before the first transport or, more generously, before the first Starbase. Isaac held out one of the warm cups in his hand to the slender man waiting on a bench.

“Ship’s gone,” Lane said.


“What’s this?” Lane looked up from the PaDD in his hands at the drink. “The USS Athena has gone missing.”

“Helpful.” Isaac stared flatly back. “Coffee. You like it. Give me that screen.”

The doctor only hummed, but accepted the beverage. The PaDD was snatched easily from his other hand so he peeled off the lid for inspection. It had a pleasant smell and Lane found he liked the dark color, but he had no interest in the damage of his mouth with its current temperature. He stared at it, letting the background of the Starbase engulf his absent attention.

“Ship’s gone,” Isaac boggled, having taken his own seat on the bench to read.

West, The Undercaffeinated

Lane didn’t respond.

Doctor Grauagen

They would not move if Lane didn’t. West had his Starfleet papers, but that did not make him versed in it. With the Athena indisposed, the Quartermaster would be the next best check.

Lane drank his, by now appropriately cooled, coffee and stood; it was… fine. With a glance at the nearby surroundings, he walked off knowing that West would get up and follow. It was the man’s job, after all.

Doctor Grauagen

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The starbase seemed familiar, but all of space would - almost half of Lane’s conscious life had been within Starfleet and its architecture - and he had very well checked the maps before the transport had docked. Still, he looked as he walked. The places tucked into every nook, the people who had their routines, the different pieces coming together into the same pattern. Starbases, ships, made alive.

Doctor Grauagen

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