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“Why, she’s sitting right over…” the bartender’s words peeled off as he realized the expert he was going to refer them too was no longer sitting where he thought she was. Then he caught glimpse of her leaving the bar and pointed soundlessly at her retreating back.

Ky’Laria’s head darted back to eye the bartender. It was her that he was pointing at. The woman who had already caught the Kuras’ interest, and her Instinct. She was important. Maybe she wasn’t the designated suspect, but it no longer mattered. Ky’Laria shot her gaze back to the door once more…

The woman turned briefly as she went out the door. Her face was Asian and immediately recognizable as the woman on the PaDD the Base Commander had given them.

Turning her focus back to the redhead, Viyara leaned towards her and asked with a mischievous smile, “Why are you so interested in the Athena?” Was it a coincidence that all these people asking about the Athena should be in the same bar at exactly the same time? She surely didn’t believe that was the case. And why did the other woman leave so suddenly? For a brief moment her heterochromatic eyes flickered towards Ky’Laria, but then she looked the redhead straight in the eyes again, waiting for a reply.

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

It was certain now. That had been her target. Ky’Laria silently cursed her own caution; she had wasted too much time and effort muting her instincts in favour of keeping up the social niceties expected among a group of ‘companions’ at a bar counter. As she sprang with apparently unbidden force from her stool, it was not lost on her deeper self - her Instinct - that, now that the woman was fleeing, she could be pursued. The thought warmed something deep within her as she landed almost daintily on her toes, already three paces away from the bar and into a stride which was quick without appearing too urgent.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Karina took note of the woman and then smiled back at the bartender. “Well, since I lost her… I guess I got you.” She slid her empty glass slowly towards him in a teasing manner. “I’m sure you can offer up a bit more info that I’m sure you heard from such a reputable source.” She leaned in closer and smiled just a bit brighter. She’d find out what she could from the man then head out. She wasn’t any good at tailing and she knew it. “Can you refill that while I use the little girl’s room? I’ll be rriiggghhhtttt back.” She winked and moved to the bathroom.

Ky’Laria didn’t seem to care whether she was any good at tailing, though one could get the sense that she was rather proficient. Already passing through the door, her eyes darted back into the bar to find Karina. Had she noticed? There was no time to retrieve her; she would have to be left to get what more she could from the barman. The Kuras disappeared from view, out into the corridors, after the scent of her newfound prey.

She looked excited.

Once out of sight around the corner, she pulled out the small comm she had been given to raise the alert that the target, the woman, had been located.


-Ky’Laria (Better Than A Hirogen, And Better Looking Too)

Tikka watched the two women go with a slightly confused expression. What was going on? She looked at Viyara. “So… That was odd.”

Ens. Tikka

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IC The woman’s retreating back could be seen heading into a nearby turbolift. As the doors shut she was looking right at them.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Karina came back in time to see Ky was gone. She smiled. It wouldn’t surprise her if the Kuras had gone after the woman. Putting her sugar smile on, she slipped back onto her barstool ans licked her lip at the bartender. “I believe I’m thirsty. And I am hoping you have more to tell about the ship that disappeared.”


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IC: Michael Conrad stayed seated at his table while the redhead continued talking at the bar. (See the thread split for the bar scene…)

The dark haired, rather well built man sitting with Conrad had smoothly stood up and left keeping pace with those that left. His green eyes found the query entering a turbolift and another person following behind and closing ground quickly. Dawson knew a chase when I saw one, and this was no different. He quickly accessed the computer and querried it for a map of the base. He put it on his PADD and moved toward the woman pursuing the one in the turbolift. He looked at both people’s body structure and facial features, remembering every possible detail he could before the turbolift doors shut.


Ky’Laria watched the doors slide shut and hissed a string of noises that were probably cursing in her language. It wouldn’t be easy to follow her prey’s scent through a turbolift ride, and no more so to track the sound of it moving through the station, what with all the other turbolifts making the same kind of noise. At least there was more at stake than her own personal pride here, so it wasn’t a difficult decision to call for help; since this had all been somewhat on the down-low, the Kuras figured she had but one point of contact.

She reached for a commbadge and realized in the movement that it wasn’t there. Cursing again, she slammed a panel on the wall near the turbolift door that had interrupted her chase. “Ky’Laria to Commander Stone.” This would be much easier if her voiceprint had already been re-designated as a Starfleet officer; failing that, perhaps she was still registered as a foreign official, which might be enough to actually get in touch with the base commander. She wasn’t sure that the Security department had been made aware of her activities.

Someone’s footfalls were approaching. She looked over her shoulder at their source but paid little attention otherwise.


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