Post Sim - Lunch with the Junior Officers

Posted May 29, 2020, 6:52 a.m. by Commander Luka (Executive Officer) (Miriam W)

Posted by Commander Luka (Executive Officer) in Post Sim - Lunch with the Junior Officers
It had been a few weeks since their… Excursion to the Mirror Universe. The ship picked up a few new crewmembers, and Luka was interested in getting to know the young officers. Well. Some of them were young. She’d read each of their files, and had re-read the files of a few of the Junior officers who had been here since before she joined the Athena.

Before getting everything prepared in one of the smaller mess halls, she re-read the pre-written message she had sent two days ago to several of the Junior Officers.

=^=Greetings. I am Commander Luka, your Executive Officer. As part of my position, I believe it is important to hear what you, the junior officers, have to say. Questions, comments, concerns, and opinions are all welcome here. I have spoken with your department heads to ensure that you are not scheduled for duty roster at 1600 hours, this Friday. Please find me in Mess Hall 4, for an informal dinner.”=^=

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