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Ghubari smiled widely as she played, a strange contrast to the moody tones her fingers coaxed from the grand piano. “That it is, and so am I. It only made sense though. I was used to having access to a piano and after our last ship went down, it only made sense that our new one had one too. And if I wanted something decent, well, best to make sure I picked it out myself.” She chuckled. “Interesting feat getting a piano on the ship. We ended up having to use the cargo transporters to beam it in here.”

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“Useful things, cargo transporters” Stark suddenly realized he’d spoken aloud and stopped suddenly.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

The Vulcan had been watching the keys as the Captain played a particular melody she’d used caught his attention and he seemed to forget the conversation going on around him as he haltingly copied it and then used a chord inversion and a relative minor key change to alter it slightly. The result wasn’t earth-shattering by any means because he wasn’t a proficient pianist, but the melody had a haunting quality to it.


Marishka didn’t quite catch Stark’s eye but his comment did not go unnoticed by her. Instead she nodded and smiled encouragingly as Va’rek played.

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Ghubari let Var’ek take over the melody, all the while giving Stark a smirk. There were times she wished the Caitian were telepathic so she could speak to him without announcing to to the entire room. But she was certain it was entirely unnecessary anyway. They both knew each other too well at this point.

Then, the captain simply formed an accompaniment to the new strains. “Late nights are when I come here. I play to clear my mind. Or simply be,” she said, not minding sharing such personal details. Early on in her time as a CO that would have been an absolute deal-breaker, but she had grown a great deal since then.

“Do you play music, Mariska?” Koraia asked curiously.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Marishka nodded and permitted a slight smile.

“I play many instruments actually. I have even played this beauty a time or two. The CE and I are working out a new sound system as a matter of fact. He is quite remarkable at his job and I’m certain we will have this place comparable to the finest concert halls before you know it. But yes, I love the piano, the harp, and many many others.” she explained.

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“Yes, they’re going to make beautiful music together”, Stark deadpanned as he looked his captain in the eye and raised an eyebrow.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

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Ghubari just smirked at Stark. “He knows me too well. He also knows that my sitting here playing the piano with others is a rather dramatic turn in behaviour give that I stopped playing in public for a long time, and then when I started again, it was very late at night with the hopes that no one would be around.” She smiled warmly at Marishka. “I look forward to the new sound system. We’ll have to test it out.”

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“Oh, absolutely. I have several instruments that I’d love to test it out with and I do some singing at times although I’m told er have some excellent vocalists on board. So I might just set that aside for now.” Marishka said with a smile.

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