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The Calypso landed on the Athena’s deck and Thollin began shutting down its systems and securing it. He had finally arrived at his new ship, but not in the way that he’d planned. Taking a final look over the ship’s systems, he stepped out through the access hatch and onto the Athena’s deck.

Thollin, Eng.

Stepping out of the turbolift, the captain appeared with something of a casual swagger. “Well that was fun!” she said with a mock cheery tone.”

Luka scratched her nose as she greeted Ghubari. “Any clue on how to go back home, Captain??”

“I suspect that others hold the key. We’ve new arrivals, yes? Let’s all have a chat, shall we/” she said heading for her ready room.

She commed the recent arrivals to meet them in the ready room. They didn’t know who these folks were or how they’d joined them in the Mirror Universe.

Luka, XO

The first to arrive in the Ready Room was Starbase Commander Stone who was swearing sulpurously about the fact that he’d been suckered into this journey and that Keiko had knocked him out and then beamed to the planet below, escaping justice for all her meddling. Where his mirror doppleganger was he had absolutely no idea.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

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By this point, Ghubari had grabbed a cup of chai and its heady spices filled the ready room as she sank into her sofa. She gazed at the commander with something of an amused expression. “Well, we did need someone to give us a way home and I suspect that way is in how you got here. Can we replicate it with the Athena?” she asked, gazing at the newcomers, her pale amber eyes seemingly amused, as if they hadn’t just saved two universes and they were just discussing the duty rota.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Karina had been one of the last to arrive but the ‘it’ she heard the Captain refer to, she guessed was the hole they had created coming here. “I think we should be able to. With any luck, if we hurry, residual energy to open the hole should still be there. And without the blockage, we should be able to make it big enough for the Athena.” She glanced around at the others who had arrived on the shuttles. “The precision and last readings should also aide in that endeavor. Shouldn’t they?” She looked at the dopplegangers who had brought them here in the first place.


Thollin snorted.
“We have the specifications for the beam that opened the wormhole and brought us here. It shouldn’t be too difficult to modify the Athena’s deflector to emit the same beam. The larger output of the Athena’s deflector should also make the opening wide enough for the ship.”

R’han looked about… “Are we going to do Universal Constant tracing to be sure we have the right people in here?” R’han questioned. It would be beyond difficult to figure out who was who in short order.


“Univsersal constant tracing?” Thollin frowned as he considered what kind of test would be required to identify a person’s universal origin. It wasn’t something he’d ever had to consider before, but he was certain he wouldn’t like it.

Thollin, Eng.

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