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Koraia’s attention shifted to the Tellarite. “We can quickly scan a person for their quantum signature and compare it against our universe and see that it matches,” she explained. “Everyone boarding and returning from the away teams should get checked out anyway, but we’re heading back asap and won’t have time to wait. But we could potentially rig the internal sensors to do focused scans of the people aboard, yes?”

Thollin’s eyes lit up.
‘Of course! Each universe would have its own quantum signature.’ His mind swirled with possibilities, but in the end he couldn’t think of a way to focus the internal sensors tight enough to determine the quantum signatures of individual people.
“I don’t know if we could accurately determine the quantum signature of individual people with the internal sensors. They’re just not designed for such a high level scan. We’d pick up a lot of ‘interference’ from the quantum signature of the ship itself, and even the atmosphere onboard. The noise would probably drown out any anomalous signatures, and we wouldn’t be able to tell if anyone wasn’t where they belonged.” He frowned. “However, we could reconfigure a couple of quantum imagers. We could install them on in a corridor for example. Everyone walking through would be able to be screened individually.”

Thollin, Eng.

“We’ve very little time. We’ll do the best we can and hope for the best”, Koraia said. There were only so many variables she could contend with on any given day and today had been maxed out hours ago.

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Stone harumphed, “Well I for one don’t want to stay in this crazy mixed up universe any longer than we have to. Things seem to find a way to unravel here rather quickly”.

His next comment was cut off by a rerouted communication from the Bridge, it was Commander Eddington asking for permission to come aboard.

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“Tell Eddington he can come aboard and come see me, but that time is of the essence. No dawdling,” Koraia said with a tiny smirk. Everything was starting to seem slightly humorous.

“The greater the chaos the greater the opportunity for advancement.”


Karina glanced around the room. She was aware of the two who were here from the ‘other’ universe. But the idea that others were hiding amongst them made her skin prickle. She shivered and crossed her arms as if she was cold and settled back harder against the wall she was leaning on.


Luka was quiet as she glanced to Koraia. Certainly the captain had gone through some things down on the planet. “I will watch the bridge,” she decided, turning and leaving the Ready Room before the meeting started officially.

Luka, XO

“Okay, let’s get these modifications done asap,” Koraia said gesturing to the new arrivals. “Give the bridge any information that is required. I want this done yesterday,” she said while she awaited Eddington’s arrival.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“Aye sir,” Thollin said. He followed the first officer to the bridge.

Thollin, Eng.

Eddington swept in with a huge smile on his face, at his side, now in uniform was Keiko who gave a small nod to the people she already knew. Stone’s face became very much like his surname but before he could speak Eddington launched into full flight.

Koraia gave Stone a surreptitious glance before shifting her attention to Eddington.

“On behalf of the Terran alliance we’d just like to express our thanks, Enterprise and Excalibur are standing by to reopen the wormhole for your return but before you go we’d like to give you this…”

Keiko handed a small triangular device to the Captain as Eddington continued.

Reaching out, Ghubari eyed the device with curiosity, her pale amber eyes then flicking between Eddington and the other woman. She spun the device between her fingers.

“This is a transuniverse communicator, it will need to be wired to a powerful energy source to be used but it is tuned directly into my ships comms should you ever want to contact the Terran Alliance or indeed Memory Omega,” He widened his arms and his smile widened even more, “In short, we owe you one”.

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Koraia blinked. “Uhhh, thanks, and you’re welcome? I mean, this”-she lifted the device-” is nifty and all, but I hope you won’t take offence if I say I dearly hope I got the rest of my life without having to ever use it.”

Eddington nodded his eyes sparkling, “No offense taken.”

“Indeed that is a debt I would never want to collect on.”

Karina was shocked. All this had been for them in a way she hadn’t considered. They hadn’t been wanting to bring back the Athena to its own Universe just to control it, they had been trying to get home and right things. Go figure, they had been telling the truth, she thought to herself. She leaned back in her seat and smiled. NOW maybe things could get back to normal, once they were at the station, again. She was just glad to be home and in one piece. And she was glad everyone else was in one piece as well.

Figuring the Captain and other officers needed space to sort this mess out, she stood up as the XO departed and murmured, “I’ll go help with the coordinates and such.” It was her way of beating a hasty retreat. She wasn’t a Department Head or from another dimension and sitting in the room was getting a bit uncomfortable because she felt she was supposed to be contributing something but wasn’t sure what it was.


“I think we’re all heading that way, actually,” Ghubari said, rising to her feet and shoving the special communicator into her pocket. Ancestors was she ever tired! But first thing was first: they had to get home. She eyed Keiko and Eddington. “We’re going home now, so you best do the same. But let me issue you one very clear warning: mess with my ship and crew again, and you will regret it. Universes at risk or not, sending me false orders was the wrong way to go about it. I get you had no reason to trust me, but that’s on you. Not me. Next time, ask,” she said, her pale amber eyes matching the dark tone of her accented voice.

“Understood” Eddington replied urbanely.

And with that she strode out of her ready room to the bridge.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Eddington looked at Keiko as everyone left the ready room. Whispering Keiko smirked a little, “Guess it’s a good thing that the Emissary didn’t reveal it was all his idea’.

Eddington chuckled, “Our little secret, my dear, we can take the blame for it this time.”

With that pronouncement they arranged for transport back to their ship.

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