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Posted Sept. 16, 2020, 12:58 p.m. by Lieutenant Orvos Legen (Chief Engineer) (Tony Findora)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Va’rek (Engineer) in Post-sim: Engineering

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Va’rek (Engineer) in Post-sim: Engineering

Posted by Lieutenant Orvos Legen (Chief Engineer) in Post-sim: Engineering
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“Lieutenant?” The Vulcan peered into the office of Orvos Legen, looking for the Chief Engineer.

-Va’rek, Eng

The sudden sound of a voice startled Orvos, causing the open tricorder being dissected and fixed to clatter to the ground as he jumped. “Oh!” He looked up to see Va’rek in the doorway looking at him.

He gestured to a chair in front of his desk. “Well come on in,” he stated, as he leaned over and picked up the broken device and placed it behind him on a counter.

“What brings you in?”

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

“I apologize if I have caught you at a bad time, sir… I.. Just finished reinitializing the matter/anti-matter flow restricters, as you ordered.” He held out a PaDD with the report of his completed work.


Orvos moved over and looked over the PaDD. “Excellent! That should do it for any major maintenance for now.” He looked up at the vulcan and watched him for a brief moment. He then turned on his heal and added, “Care to take a seat? How do you feel about our last mission?”

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Nodding, Va’rek looked pleased. “The Matter/Antimatter mixture should be optimized, and both cores are in sync.” At Orvos’ question the Vulcan’s eyebrows rose in surprise, but he took the offered seat none the less. It took a moment before his answer came. “I am not sure I know how to answer that question… I struggled for so long to contain the emotions within me, now after what happened… I feel nothing. Not the peaceful distance of control, just… nothing.” He looked at Orvos, and a hint of fear might have cracked his Vulcan expression.

-Va’rek, Engineer

Orvos gave no indication of his internal thoughts. However, he was definitely exceptionally puzzled inside. A vulcan feeling nothing? Was he so in control that he could will his emotions away? He doubted it.

“Is that a good thing?” he inquired thoughtfully.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

“I do not know…” Va’rek said, looking puzzled. “It seems to come and go, this… numbness. I suspect it might be an aftereffect of the strange meld we attempted during the mission.” What Va’rek didn’t say was how much relief this had given him, this random blessing of the absence of feelings.

-Va’rek, Engineer


“Have you considered talking to a counselor about it?” He asked, sitting down and leaning back. “Maybe a doctor if it is some sort of effect from the mindmeld?”

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

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