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Jessica grinned at Grey’s back as he obeyed her instruction and then reached for a nearby medical tricorder. She hated to interrupt the interaction in front of her, but the wheelchair was a quite obvious indicator that some kind of interference was necessary. She quietly approached the group, flipping it open to begin a subtle scan of Nightstalker.

Dr. Lemann

His electrolytes were way past subnormal and he showed all the signs of someone on the extreme edges of collapse from exhaustion but not just at a body level, this went all the way to the cellular level, as if he’d been sucked dry of nearly all energy. His heart in particular was having trouble keeping up it’s normal rhythm.

Junior Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

In his office, Benjamin was fast asleep, his spare noseplugs stopping him from waking up whenever a strong smell arose.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Jessica studied the readings with a wince and then glanced at the office, where she could see the CMO sound asleep. She chewed on her lip for a moment and then nudged the CIO. “Let’s get you on the biobed over here,” she murmured softly, hoping not to prove to be too much of a distraction to the healing new mother and child.

Dr. Lemann

S’Raal had seen the reults of the scan and from past experience knew exactly what had transpired but in his mind he was thinking that Laraan would never have put Stark this close to death. He helped Jessica to get Stark’s deadweight onto the biobed and watched quietly as Stark slumped down onto it, hell, even his eyes were losing their customary darkness.

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow

Jessica smiled her appreciation at Moonshadow as he assisted getting the CIO onto the biobed. She adjusted his position slightly and then began to initiate more in depth scans of the Caitian’s condition, physically tugging on a nurse that walked past her to request that she go wake up the CMO. She hated to disturb his nap, but he’d had at least a few minutes of rest and she wasn’t as familiar with other species’ physiology as he was with her predominantly human training.

Chewing on her lip for a moment, she made eye contact with Moonshadow, who had seemed both concerned and familiar with the other’s condition, and queried, “has this happened before?” She imagined she could look it up in the CIO’s records, but that didn’t seem like the most time sensitive way to begin her investigation. She began preparing hyposprays to try to adjust his electrolytes, but figuring out why they had gone so extremely wrong was going to be an entirely separate investigation. She realized that she wasn’t precisely aware of what had happened elsewhere with the crew, so that was likely information that she needed to piece together as well…

Dr. Lemann

S’Raal nodded his assent. “Some of Laraan’s people have the ability to siphon off energy from beings in their vicinity. Stark got her to do it on occassion voluntarily and the result were just like this but a lot less severe. He’s had his molecular energy tapped to the cellular level so those electrolytes are a good start and his heart in particular is in danger of failing so I wouldn’t be using a sedative anytime soon but on the flipside he’s got to stay super still for the next 24 hours or his energy reserves will give out entirely”. He looked hard at his Uncle as he spoke the last words.

Stark gave a wicked smile, “You care, I’m touched, I promise to be good… for 24 hours.” his smile faded, “it was Mirror Laraan who did this, our Laraan is on her way here as well and she’s probably worse off than I am”.

Izzy stepped into the Sickbay looking rather worse for wear. While she had not died or obtained any new injury from throwing herself between Laraan and enemy fire (so to speak), she had not exactly been ship shape when she had arrived on Risa with the shards of the crystal. She had been kidnapped, beaten, beaten again, fought some bad guys, saved some people, got trapped and had to fight and shoot her way through a zombie hoard and then, she made her way to Risa. She suspected a few broken ribs and several black eyes, a broken nose and a few loose teeth. No idea about internal bleeding, though she didn’t notice any unusual bruising yet so maybe no? She couldn’t tell if her right arm was broken. It felt mostly just really sore from protecting herself, but there were no guarantees. It was certainly more swollen than the other arm.

She did briefly imagine being super dramatic and fainting for the sickbay staff as though she were some frail thing, but decided it was better not to pull a prank on someone who had to reset her bones.

“I’ll just take a number, shall I?”

Delaney, Sec

S’Raal Cran Moonshadow

Stark Nightstalker CIO

“No, no. No need for that” The slightly groggy voice of the Chief Medical Officer came from behind the Security officer. He stretched his neck in both directions and shook his hands to loosen up. He put his hand gently on the woman’s non-injured arm “Have a seat here” He led her to the nearest biobed, giving her a visual inspection as they walked. The sight of such an injured person in his sickbay was more than enough to wake him up, despite the fact that he’d just downed some rather excellent coffee moments earlier. “You, my dear lieutenant, have certainly been through some rough roads” He said as he reached for his scanner “Give me a quick rundown on what happened to you, injury-wise.

Dr. Grey - CMO

=/\=All crew, this is the Captain. We’re about to enter another anomaly to take us home. It should be smooth sailing, but just in case, take precautions. Koraia out.=/\=

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

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