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He walked over to where Ghubari sat at the piano and leaned onto it with his torso, facing her and seemingly simply watching her play, kind of non-chalantly and suave… at least that was the vibe he was hoping for to throw off.

Ghubari watched him approach, her fingers still moving across the keys, having long developed the tactile memory to know where they all were. It was rare that she could sort of disappear into the crew and not be so clearly ‘the captain’. But this was why she liked these late night visits to her piano.

As his right arm rested on the top edge of the soft wood and his fingers curled around the wooden rim, he locked his eyes on Ghubari’s. She looked relaxed, even happy. He hadn’t seen her like that a lot…
He forced a smile on his lips, but didn’t notice that his four fingers under the wodden rim of the piano made small indentures in the wood as he still fought inside to fend of those puny feelings of jealousy and anger.

  • Julien

“You break it you buy it,” Koraia said casually. “And since it was my gift to the crew, I might take exception,” she teased Julien.Of course she could read him but she wasn’t going to say more than she already had in front of everyone.

To the casual observer the scene would seem quite normal but they weren’t observing it through Marishka’s eyes, or those of the two males she was entertaining either. Three if one counted Stark. She truly liked Orvos and found him intriguing and entertaining all at once. Julien had been the last person she had felt that way about. A part of her would always belong to Julien, she had warned him never to leave her alone for too long. Her appetites were too great to be left unattended. Either way, he had never seen her work a room, or person, before and what a man she had chosen in Orvos. He was brilliant, challenging, and quite handsome.

  • Marishka

Stark watched the interplay but his smile had gone and his thoughts had become introspective. There was sufficient “firepower” in the room for him to relax his constant preternatural watchfulness and such moments were rare so he indulged in some inner reverie.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Orvos was too distracted by Marishka to have noticed the goings on of others nearby. He raised a glass and drank. She was right about the smoothness and the kick at the end. However, he was nearly a millenium old. He knew how to handle liquor at this point, and he barely even flinched as it went down. He looked at the glass after the contents had disappeared. “Can’t say I’ve had anything exactly like it. Quite interesting.” He set the glass down and grinned.

“What brings everyone in here at this hour?” he asked, his defenses slowly being peeled away.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Stark was first to reply, “Insomnia” he quipped.

As the others talked and drank around them, Va’rek put all of his focus into trying to follow the musical notes and the counterpoint in the melodies. His fingers moved over the keys less smoothly than those of the Captain, but his understanding of the theory allowed him to keep up despite his lesser skil with the instrument. He kept up with her as best he could, adding small flourishes here and there, nudging the swing into a full 16th note swing as he arpaggiated chords.

-Va’rek, Engineer

Ghubari nodded in approval and let him take over the melody while she tapered off into a quieter harmony.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Marishka smiled and leaned back a bit in her chair allowing the loose garment to fall where it may.

“That’s different every night although the Commander’s right for the most part. Insomnia, shift changes, the twenty four hour menu, I’ve even heard a rumor that it could even be me.” Marishka let the last word hang in the air.

  • Marishka

A slight tingle of goosebumps crossed his skin as he averted his gaze, trying not to get lost. He focused on things around him, rather than the dame before him.

“Well, I came in here seeking out my piano. I couldn’t sleep and it helps me sort out my thoughts,” Ghubari, slightly amused at the strange way the evening had gone. She wasn’t sure what to make of the interaction between Orvos and Marishka, but she only hoped that it wouldn’t make things more awkward when they had to double-down to deal with the enclave. But so far it seemed to be a matter of great patience. They had time yet.

While her thoughts hadn’t been sorted out, Ghubari did find herself enjoying herself. Enough so that she began to hum to the melody her and Va’rek were playing.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

As they played on, Va’rek glanced at Koraia. “There is a school of thought which posits that there is melody inherent in a progression of chords, is this part of musical theory one that you believe, Captain?” he asked quietly, not wishing to pull her off her playing or inspiration.


“Hmmm,” Koraia mused. “I’m not so sure. I think that presupposes there is only one natural way to think about and interpret music. But think about all the various musical modalities that exist in our galaxy. These chords we’re playing are but one way to see and hear musical patterns. They are limited to and informed by our own sensory abilities- the frequency of our hearing, for example.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Orvos glanced about soaking in his surroundings and the various answers offered. There something in the atmosphere he could sense, almost as though his presence had disturbed something. He could not tell what it was he had disturbed, but he knew he had a choice to make. Allow it to shift back and leave or stay and cause the change to complete itself.

He turned back to his Padd with work available for him to look over. “Well,” he said. “Don’t let me keep everyone from their own little missions.” He added a grin as he caught Marishka’s gaze, and quickly moved back to his Padd to hide.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Marishka allowed a mild reaction to show on her pristine features. Though Orvos delving back into his work wasn’t really a surprise to her, he was simply playing hard to get. Oh what fun he was.

“Missions? Whatever do you mean? The missions of learning to play the piano, learning to pour the perfect scorpion’s kiss, or whatever those three are doing in the corner?” she asked leaning towards Orvos and pointing to two Andorians and a Human sitting in a darkened corner away from everybody else, “As for me, I have no mission. I’m merely the bartender. You know that. Why are you here so late at night? You asked the question, perhaps you can answer it.” she finished in a sultry whisper.

  • Marishka

“Fascinating.” He picked out a melody in the arpagiated notes and defined it. “Logically, there are only so many combinations of notes and chords, but the frequency floor and ceiling would render an unlimited number of such combinations.”


Although Marishka was engaged in conversation with Orvos she did spare a glance to the rest of the room from time to time. It was her job as hostess.

Stark had recovered from his reverie and had thoroughly enjoyed three minutes off from his normal state of high alert and paranoia. Phasing back in through the usual disorientation of having missed some minutes he noticed that the world hadn’t ended in his absence and felt slightly miffed.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Marishka’s sultry voice sent goosebumps down his spine. Indeed, why had he come down here of all places? Sure, she tantalized him in a very physical sense, but why come down here to build the tension? His quarters were simply that, his quarters. There wasn’t much work he felt like doing in there. It was his retreat after all. This, not so much. But he obviously wasn’t about to share that here.

“Really I thought I’d be able to focus on my work here, but…” he said as he turned his eyes toward her, trying to swallow so obviously. “It’s proving to be a bit distracting here too.”

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

If Marishka taunted Orvos and suggested that he run away, he might just do that and she was having far too much fun in his company, not to mention the effect it was having on Julien.

“Do you require a bit of privacy my engineer?” she purred only semi professionally.

“I could make that happen.”

  • Marishka


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