Post Sim - The XO hand-off

Posted Sept. 24, 2020, 6:47 p.m. by Commander Jennifer Wallace (Executive Officer (Incoming)) (Miriam W)

Posted by Commander Luka (Executive Officer (Outgoing)) in Post Sim - The XO hand-off
Luka stood quietly near the airlock, ready to get off Athena and head home. Home. It was so strange that she was going home. And so painfully soon. It felt like she’d been aboard the ship for months or years, but somehow it had been less than a full month since her arrival. With all the insanity that was the mission to the Mirror Universe, she had lost track of time.

Mukin stood beside her, quietly scratching his neck with a hind paw. She leaned down to scritch right behind his ears. At least one of her new friends was coming with her. Well, Mukin wasn’t a new friend. She had already said her goodbyes, and hopefully this would go smoothly. The Athena docked with the transport ship, and after a little while, the airlock hissed open.

Luka, XO (outgoing)

Not far away…

“I don’t know if I’m ready for command…” Jenn muttered quietly into the subspace comm relay she was using to communicate with an old friend. The voice on the other side of the relay let out a hearty chuckle.

“Oh, come on, Jenn. You’ll do great. Besides, you’ve got a great staff to support you. And, guess what, you’re not the Captain. You’re not always in charge of everything, boo.”

“I know, Shess.” Jenn muttered, almost whispering as she spoke. “That doesn’t make me any less nervous about this whole thing. It’s my first XO position, and I’ve read the files on this ship. The ones that are declassified, at least. It’s like the XO position is cursed. I’ll be the third XO in as many months. What does that say about this ship?”

“It says nothing. Just swallow those nerves and get out there. You’ll be fine, I swear it.”

Jenn sighed. “Oh, looks like the transport is docking. I gotta go. I’ll call you later, kay?”

“Smell you later, pink-skin,” Shess said. Jenn could practically hear his characteristic smirk.

“Same to you, beetle boy,” she replied with a laugh, and hung up. Then she stood up, glad her luggage had been transported ahead of her, so she wouldn’t have to worry about her things. Just needed to grab her carry-on bag and she’d be a-okay.

Jennifer Wallace, XO (Incoming)

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