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Posted Sept. 26, 2020, 11:54 a.m. by Lieutenant Konral Vander (Chief of Security) (Steven Sigle)

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It was odd to hear that he did not recall her coming in when she originally transferred, since that was required of every crewman on board. Had she been that unremarkable? Had she so thoroughly worked to be invisible, that it had succeeded too well? For some reason, that made her less than enthusiastic. However, she smiled and tried to keep an open mind about her situation.

“I am Neo Roman Catholic. I do celebrate Christmas. I haven’t needed much. The Athena has been through some rough missions, sure, but I feel as though I have been able to handle them well. As far as growth, I suppose I could take on more responsibility than our regular day to day work?”

Delaney, Sec

“I would like that, your time here has been something I think I can find more places for someone as skilled as you, what do you feel you can excell at though? I want to push you, so don’t go simple think out of the box… go big or go home.” Konral said, wanting her to really think hard on what might be the best place. He had reports and stats on her, and they helped him have a few ideas but he was curious how much she wanted to bite off. Knowing her appitite for something bigger in her position would be something that let him know where to go next.

Vander. COS

She thought about his question for a moment before answering “Most of my expertise is with more action oriented security. I think that can be evidenced in my record but also in my actions when kidnapped and on Risa in the recent mission.”

Delaney, Sec

“So, where do you find yourself weakest? Critical assessment, where do you think you would benefit in improvement as well?” Konral asked her, wanting to find out all aspects. He read her file, and he had some ideas of what she might say as well, but he wanted to hear from herself just what she felt could be improved upon.

Vander, CoS

“I need to think about that for a minute sir.” This required thought so she chewed on her biscuit and sipped her coffee as she contemplated the question. Isabel had always been a strong marine. She had grown up with the close bond of 8 brothers and the camaraderie of a family of marines and Irish people. During her time as a Marine, she had been an exemplary officer and even a leader. During her time is Star Fleet’s main fleet as a security officer however, she was different. She took the lead but only when forced by a situation. She rarely had a team to do team work with either by default or design. She was still an exemplary officer, but she wasn’t a good team member. She gritted her teeth for a moment, hating this view of weakness inside herself. A lack of trust in her team.... or perhaps, a lack of faith in herself to be good for her team was a more likely description of the issue she held deep inside her heart.

Finally, she unclenched her jaw. “I would say that my greatest weakness is a lack of faith in myself to lead our team in the field in anything other than a dire situation or to allow a connection to my team in any non-emergency situation.”

Delaney, Sec

“Well, that can be easily fixed… what does team lead of beta squad sound?” Vander asked her, he had a small smile on his face. He had suspected this answer, and he wanted to see where the young officer could go. “It would give you a team, I control the team alpha, and there is team charlie and delta but beta has an opening. For most part this is only useful in training, and in specialty missions. I don’t always take a full team as you are aware but it does give you the control of training and preparation under my command.”

Vander, COS

Izzy had known that the opening was happening, but she had not considered herself for the role. When she had been demoted and switched to Star Fleet’s exploratory division, she had come to terms with never leading again. She had been comfortable being a minion and just doing the job. It wasn’t until this meeting that she had felt the need to do something more, or rather realized the need she had felt for some time to do something more. She nodded slowly, obviously considering the idea and approving.

“Yes. I think that would work. I am very interested in that position sir.”

Delaney, Sec

“Perfect, then we can get started. I have a team leads meeting every Friday at 0800 hours, consider yourself mandated to arrive… bring in any suggestions you may have to improve effiencny, or morale… honestly they tend to be somewhat informal unless we have some serious issues needed to be covered.” Vander said with a wide smile as he stood up and offered his hand for her to shake.

Vander, CoS

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