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Greetings all,

You may have noticed my absence as of late. I think I’m 3 weeks from when I last posted. I really do apologize for that. RL has gotten a bit crazy and I’ll explain a little bit here, mainly so you all can know what I’m doing and just how this may effect my posting for the next couple months.

We found out in about March/April that my wife was pregnant with our 4th child. Her third pregnancy was pretty rough mentally, and so going into it she was already concerned about it happening again. Suffice it to say, this time was worse. Long story short, after multiple doctor appointments over the past few months, things are feeling as good now as they can be for her. Most of it is minor assistance (insulin at night, very small dose of medication to help with depression). Her last appointment lasted 4-5 hours due to them keeping her to monitor for high blood pressure. (I’m not sure it was necessarily high, but perhaps outside of the norm for her?) So now she will have to check her blood pressure daily when the supplies arrive.

All of this does not help her mentally as she tends to blame herself for setbacks and just about anything else under the sun. That being said, I generally am the one who tries to keep her spirits up. There are times where I will (and have already done) need to step up and do things outside of my normal household duties. And there are many times where I need to put writing on hold to make sure that she and the kids are all doing well. The last few weeks obviously have been rough, but I think we are at a point where posting can resume once again.

By the end of December, our 2nd daughter (and 4th child) will be born. :) And for you LOTR fans, you’ll be happy to hear (I hope) that her name will be Eowyn. (So, my kids names in total are Dominic, Gabriel, Raena, and Eowyn.)(PS: I love names, so it’s exciting for me. :P )

Thank you for checking in on me, for those who did. I really do care about you all and am so looking forward to writing more with you all.

I’ll be posting more either tonight or tomorrow.



I’m looking forward to hearing about the exploits of little Eowyn! I’ll be putting up a post about what’s happening next on the ship and some changes, so look for that. Lots of fun (I’m hoping)!


Congratulation and Good Luck. RL is always the priority.


As someone who had difficult pregnancies, I love that you’re so helpful. Feel free to reach out anytime you want a bolster, yourself. I’m here for you.

Blessings to her and to you all for the coming bundle of joy!

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