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Kaylee sat at a small table, alone, her gaze focused out the viewport at the stars. Occasionally she would pick up the teacup in front of her and take a small sip, replacing it again to the table in an almost robotic motion. To the casual observer, it appeared merely an off duty crew member enjoying a relaxing cup of tea. For anyone who might know better, this was when the diplomat became more retrospective and pensive.

She could not help but think about her mother. Not her actual mother, but the one she’d encountered in the parallel universe. She still could not understand how a person could become so full of hatred and pain, so devoid of respect for human life. The culmination of a life full of murder and betrayal and ruthlessness had been the death of mirror Kaylee.

So many of her friends and fellow crew members had come face to face with a doppelgänger in a more pleasant, or at least intriguing sort of way. Kaylee’s own interactions with her double had been far less enjoyable. That anger and rage she had seen in the other woman’s eyes, something about it still haunted her, as if looking into a mirror into her own soul.

Carelessly, she picked up her teacup once more and took another sip.

-Kaylee Baxter

Marishka had noticed the woman and decided to make a quiet approach.

“Did your server tell you about our specials or do you just need tea and stargazing today?” she asked in a low voice.

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“Oh…” Kaylee said absentmindedly, slowly turning her head to look over in Marishka’s direction. “Oh!” Her tone changed to a more surprised one. “Hello there,” Her voice was now back to its more cheerful tone, however her cheeks had flushed pink. Something about this woman… Kaylee didn’t know her very well but there was some kind of intrigue about her.

“No, I didn’t hear about the specials,” Kaylee said, smiling. “Perhaps you can tell me. I would love another cup of tea as well. The stars are always peaceful to look at. It has a soothing, calming effect for me.”

-Kaylee Baxter

Marishka motioned for another cup of tea to be brought before stepping a bit closer to review the specials.

“Well, we actually have a delightful herb salad today. I wasn’t certain everything was going to come together but it’s actually quite good. Peking duck if you’re into something more hearty and, for your sweet tooth, cheesecake. Our pastry chef is experimenting with something new. It tastes delicious so don’t let the color fool you.”

Marishka paused and gazed at the stars for a few moments.

“Yes, they are quite soothing aren’t they? No matter how many times I see them they never cease to calm.”

  • Marishka

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