OOC: Post Sim Announcements & Cross-over!! (Attention ALL crew)

Posted Oct. 20, 2020, 8:29 p.m. by Fleet Captain Ghubari Koraia (Captain) (Lindsay Bayes)

Posted by Ensign Karina Niles (Doctor) in OOC: Post Sim Announcements & Cross-over!! (Attention ALL crew)

Posted by Fleet Captain Ghubari Koraia (Captain) in OOC: Post Sim Announcements & Cross-over!! (Attention ALL crew)
Okay, the sim is now over and you are all free to do post-sim stuff to your heart’s content. Miriam and I will be starting an awards/promotions thread soon and ALL crew are required to participate.

CNS Position

You may have noticed that Jules is not listed on the roster. RL has unfortunately made it impossible for her to post regularly and she has been hidden from the roster. She expects to have time in December to post a bit and I know some of us will want to do threads with her then. After that we’ll just see where she is at. But that does mean we will need a CNS. If anyone knows of someone who is interested, or if you yourself are interested in taking up the role, please let me know! We want someone who can post regularly and can handle this crazy large crew. In the meantime, I’ll have Janna available, so for new boarding crew, you can expect me to handle your psyc evals for the time being.

Cross-over Side Sim

Because the Athena is back at Starbase 157 (our Fleet HQ), we have a unique opportunity. The USS Ogawa and her crew are also at SB 157, as their ship was crippled in their last sim and they are currently playing out a sim that takes place on the SB while they await their new ship. What this means is that since both crews are there, we can intermingle as we please!

Much like when we did the cross-over with Outpost 42, you are free to have your characters(s) do threads with members of the other crew. Here is how this will work:

1) If your thread takes place on the Athena, anyone involved posts on the ATHENA’s BOARD. And if the Ogawa crew had a ship, the reverse would have been true as well. But since they don’t and all their threads take place on the SB currently (including visiting someone at their quarters because everyone has temporary accommodations), we can post those cross-over threads on the OGAWA’S BOARD. Any side simming that IC takes place on your own ship with fellow crew members remains on your own ship’s board. Clear as mud?

2) Cross-over threads MUST have Cross-over in the thread location to help both crews keep track of what is what.

3) When you post on the other ship, we will not be setting up characters on the roster, so you post just as a player and if you wish to track your threads for character development’s sake, take note of your thread URLs as you go.

4) Participation is entirely optional! You do not have to join in or start any of these threads. It is, however, a great chance for people to get their characters out and about and if you feel your character is in a slump, it can really help. I will kick things off by probably having Janna out and about reflecting on the last sim and will post that to the Ogawa’s board.

5) Feel free to reach out OOC to members of the other crew if you want to start something, or keep an eye open for a publicly located cross-over thread you can jump into. Be mindful of threads where it is clear that it’s just two players wanting to just RP something themselves (if you’re uncertain, email one of the players to ask if it’s okay to join in- they are free to say no, so please don’t take the personally).

Both ships have a Ship Channel in Discord, so feel free to chat with people there or email them individually.

Any questions, do share them here and we’ll make sure everyone is clear on how this works.


Sounds great… thank you for the clarifications for those of us who haven’t had the opportunity before now.

Meli the Mobstress

I should also add that we’ll be tracking posting on both ship’s so you will not be considered AWOL here if you are posting IC with an Athena character on the Ogawa’s board, but show as AWOL here. And vice-versa.

I’ve also thrown up a list of common locations that have been are are currently being used. These are not exhaustive nor mandatory:


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