OOC: Apologies

Posted Oct. 24, 2020, 11:40 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Lane Grauagen (Medical Researcher) (Crissy N)

Foremost, I must apologies for my inconsistencies overall. I have my ups and downs with auto-immune related brain fog, which makes me fairly absent-minded on a normal day, and I greatly appreciate everyone who prods me with a reminder that it’s Wednesday a week later now. :p

Despite being essentially locked in my house since March, I managed to get sick with something (though thankfully not /the one/.) Regardless, everything tends to knock me down pretty hard and I’m playing post catch-up more than even I normally would. If there’s a particular space I’ve miss, please let me know either here or on Discord. <3

I am also, in general, always down for character and side stories, so even if a thread doesn’t exist yet and there’s one you’d like to, let me know anyways!


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