SB 157 Science Lab - Experimenting (when one should do other things)

Posted Oct. 25, 2020, 11:01 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Liam Madison (Chief Science Officer) (Janice B.)

Posted by Ensign Viyara Nazeen (Scientist) in SB 157 Science Lab - Experimenting (when one should do other things)
Now that the Athena was back, Viyara knew that she should find her superior officer and report for duty. But she figured that they’d be so busy with writing reports and dealing with the aftermath of their last mission, that they probably wouldn’t notice that she hadn’t done so already. And honestly, she had always found those initial meetings, well any meeting really, with her department head rather tedious. So instead she was still working on a pet projects of hers, using the science labs to her hearts content without ever having asked anyone for permission. And as self-confident as she was nobody had even questioned her presence so far. With a PaDD in one hand, she leaned slightly forward as she adjusted the flame of a Bunsen burner under a glass flask filled with a pale blue liquid. Her mismatched eyes were fixed on the flask and she seemed quite oblivious to everything else around her.

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

After Liam had wrapped up his report, he reached for his PaDD and checked it. According to the schedule, the Athena was due to pick up a few new officers on the space base. Among them was one for his department. He sighed then set the device to the side. With a bit of effort, Liam rose to his feet and strolled out into the general labs.

His eyes skirted from each officer as familiarity washed into his memory. This went on until his attention spotted Viyara Nazeen. Liam paused then began to quietly walk closer to her busy form. He knew the behavior well. Many times his own work consumed his attention to the point he forgot everything else.

Loudly he cleared his throat for her to hear. “I admire your work ethics, but there are protocols to follow Officer…”

He trailed off for her to introduce herself.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

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