Holosuite 5- Reflections

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She didn’t really want to disturb him, but at the same time it was like he was avoiding her now. That could be easily explained by a junior officer simply wanting not to draw unnecessary attention from their commanding officer, but Ghubari knew better. While the lingering connection had mostly worn off, there was a thread that still felt active, like she’d have known where he was even if she hadn’t confirmed with the computer.

Stepping into the holosuite, Ghubari looked for Va’rek, knowing they had to at least acknowledge what had happened on the bridge. For the rest of the crew it had barely been a footnote and she doubted many of the senior staff were even aware of the mind meld. Certainly she hadn’t yet told Konral for reasons she wasn’t sure of, and when she had slipped by Sickbay, if had already been forgotten in the midst of her more recent visit with Sisko. She had no idea how the engineer was handling what could only be a barrage of complicated experiences and emotions from her, but she was struggling in her own way too.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

The holosuite doors opened onto an utterly barren wasteland of desert sand and strange rock formations which reached into the sky at acute angles. It was very hot and so dry that the lack of moisture was instantly an assault upon not only the senses, but the body. As the Captain stepped through the doors, the Computer issued a warning in a curt tone: =/\=Warning, holosuite safety protocols are inactive./=/\=

Her ridged brow rose. Oh really? How did he manage that? There would be words.

There was a singular, sharp looking outcropping of rock ahead a few hundred meters with what looked like the opening of a cave in it.


Moving towards the cave, Koraia could have announced her presence, but she did not. Somehow she suspected he already knew she was here. Taking deft steps in tall brown suede boots, the captain was decidedly off-duty and dressed in a sleeveless suede top in a dull green and black cargo trousers, the cuff tucked into the boots that came nearly to her knees.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

The Cave entrance was darker than the blazing sun outside, but not totally dark. Inside the cave there was a fire burning in a shallow pit, it’s dusky smoke giving off a strong scent of something like Juniper. There were bones strewn about the cave floor, in the dust… However, they looked old and worn, not fresh. A few yards back from the fire, there was a small clearing that had been ceremonially swept clean and circled with brown wax candles. In the center of the circle, knelt the figure that surely must be Va’rek. He was dressed in a thick woolen looking Robe of beige coloration, a grey handwoven rope utilized as a belt. His feet were bare, beneath him, and there was several days growth of beard on his chin and cheeks. His eyes were closed in meditation, lips moving almost silently in some kind of repeated mantra. Sweat stood out on his furrowed brow, as much from concentration as from the heat in the cave, which was probably warmer than the air outside. The Vulcan did not stir or look up when the Captain entered.


Moving quietly so as to not disturb his peace (if that is what this was), Ghubari came beside him and sat down, crossing her legs. It as warm for what she was wearing, but she also adapted well to moderate heat- the bonuses of having grown up in a very hot climate. She said nothing but let her presence speak for itself. If and when he was ready, he’d acknowledge her.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

After a moment, he must have felt her presence due to the remaining connection, though it had waned a good deal. His hazel eyes opened in surprise and he said “Captain…” quietly, before he had meant to.

She gazed at him, her own pale amber eyes etched with warmth.

“I had instructed the computer to alert me when my leave was at an end, I have not missed duty, have I?”


“No,” she said softly, keeping the peacefulness he had worked hard to build. “But I thought we should… discuss what happened on the bridge sooner rather than later. It’s not everyday I get to experience a mindmeld, after all.”

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

He nodded slowly, the flickering flames reflecting in his eyes, making the hollows of his features shadowy and forlorn looking. It was a difficult thing to describe the meld, such as they had shared. An unfettered joining of thought and feeling. Limitless access to the inner being of someone else. He spoke quietly.

“You realize that what was shared… Is sacred. We each now carry a piece of the other’s Ka. I would not share that… That is to say, unless to pass on your memory to your progeny. You have my solemn oath.”


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