17/18 Forward- Post-Mission Awards (ALL CREW)

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“Where did they go?” Jennifer asked, tilting her head slightly and giving the young doctor a soft smile. “I haven’t had time to read up on recent mission reports, and it would be nice to know what my new crew has been up to recently. Even nicer to hear it straight from the crew, right?”

Karina smiled. “They got caught in another time, I think. I know their dopplegangers were on the station and eventual helped us find them by recreating the worm hole they got trapped thru.” It was hard to explain when she, herself, wasn’t entirely sure what had occurred. “My guess is as a new person on board, you will find one of two things. Deep suspicion you are from the other side, or great relief because you weren’t around when everyone saw or ran into their doubles. I sincerely hope it’s the former. I’ve already had a patient refuse treatment from me because apparently the ‘me’ over there was less than kind in a way that will take some time to heal from.”

Kaylee slid over to stand next to Orvos just as Marishka turned and walked away. She had a glass of dark liquid in hand. The blue eyed woman looked over at the CE and smiled. “Well good evening,” She said, winking. She turned her attention to the crowd, noticing Nazeen sitting a few stools down, someone she hadn’t met yet. She gave the other woman a friendly wave in greeting. Then Kaylee looked back to Orvos.

“Enjoying yourself yet?” She asked mischievously, taking a sip of her drink.

-Kaylee Baxter

Orvos, being a full El-Aurian, was able to sense the moods of others nearby. Kaylee was no difficult read. Perhaps he needed to lighten up a bit?

He grinned. “Always. Someone has to anyway, right? How about yourself?”

It was in Marishka’s mind to circle back to Orvos but, for now, she was on the hunt for the Captain. Two such civilized and polite women could certainly settle the matter she had on her mind. Hopefully tonight they could finally name this bar and announce it properly tot he crew.

  • Marsihka

Orvos allowed Marishka to slip from his mind for now. He chided himself for even having to do such a thing. Allowing someone, simply based on their allure, to capture his attention was a dangerous thing for Orvos.

Stark stepped in with S’Raal next to him. T’Pon had begged off on the ceremony wanting to spend more time with her daughter understandably. S’Raal had nearly stayed with her, still nervous about another kidnapping but Stark had arranged for Ensign Ceres to stand guard to keep his nephew from worry. They both stood ramrod straight and surveyed the room together.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Wallace, XO

The entrance of Stark and S’Raal caught Marishka’s eye and she made her way towards them dropping a graceful curtsy upon her approach.

“Good evening gentlemen. The room shines just a bit more upon your arrival. So nice to see you here.” she said cheerily.

  • Marishka

S’Raal bowed first holding his tail in his hand as he did so. Stark’s was a little less practiced but his own smile was genuinely warm as he replied. “Nothing could outshine you Marishka”.

Meanwhile, Ghubari was still leaning against the bar watching the room with her usual intensity, though it was less pensive than usual. If anything, she seemed rather amused as she held a box of small boxes. The empath was constantly gathering information about her crew, but tonight it was different. Or was it her that was different? Hmmm, speculation for later.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Orvos could sense every now and then, the captain’s eyes falling on him. He ignored, not feeling the need to address it. She was the captain, and monitoring her crew was part of the job. It didn’t make him any less uneasy however.

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Dress uniforms never bothered Izzy like they did a lot of people. She liked the unusual uniform with its starched collar and rigid design. The bottom of her jacket hit right at her prim waist. Her hair was up and out of the way in a simple french twist. She really needed to cut it. Her hair was the longest it had been since she was 16.

Marishka wasn’t certain whether she should take him seriously or not but a compliment was a compliment.

“Well be that as it may, tonight it is the crew of the Athena’s night to shine. Come come, let me set you up with food and drink.”

  • Marishka

“Yes, it’s a time to celebrate”, Stark was looking a little melancholy as he spoke but his eyes lit up a bit at the thought of food. S’Raal’s nose started questing for the preferred vittles immediately.

As she entered 17/18 Forward, she heard Marishka tell Stark that she was going to set him up with food and drink. Izzy approached the Lounge’s nightingale and smiled. “Oh me too please. I don’t know what it is about official gatherings, but I eat a TON when they happen. It is like I am programmed into believing these functions will have endless delicious food.”

Delaney, Sec

Orvos, of course noticed Izzy stepping into the lounge as well. He was familiar with her, and worked with her on more than one occasion. He gave her a nod if her eyes caught his. Otherwise he returned his attention to Kaylee.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Stark Nightstalker CIO

Marishka gave a dazzling smile all around and gestured grandly, the pale gold material of her chiton flowing about her arms and upper body like molten liquid, bound to her body by more than the black jeweled cord she wore at her waist and the pins at her shoulders.

“Endless food and drink. Why yes, that sounds about right for one of my affairs. Come come everyone!” she called leading them into the event space.

As she passed Orvos she briefly locked eyes with him.

“Join us if you like or I’ll bring you another drink in a few minutes.”

Marishka didn’t wait for his answer but continued on making a mental note of where the Captain was. She would have to speak with her soon.

She had made her way to a small table strategically placed where Stark would be out of the way enough for his comfort level but S’Raal would be able to leave quickly if T’Pon required him at home. It would also be easy for Izzy to come and go as she pleased.

“I think this will do yes?”

  • Marishka

Stark nodded his approval and plonked himself back to the wall where he could survey all. S’Raal was looking distant but he nodded as well.

Giving the room the once over Stark quipped, “This is the way every mass homicide scenario starts… with a crowded room of overdressed people”.

When Liam got the summons -or invitation as his nephew put it- he stood in the closest corner to the entrance. He checked his uniform and tugged the tunic down, ensuring it looked optimal. At some point, Joseph had disappeared into the crowd to mingle. Some times he envoy his nephew’s social skills.

He watched from the sidelines while others interacted with each other.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

Va’rek had shaved off a few days of bread growth and tamed his hair before ensuring that his dress uniform fit properly. Once groomed, one might never have known he’d been sitting in a cave in the holosuite for days on end. Never the less, not a hair was out of place when he entered the lounge. He still looked slightly gaunt, but his color was better than it had been. The first thing he did was go to the bar and order a glass of Aldebaran whiskey, which he proceeded to sit down and stare into.

-Va’rek, Engineer

Karina glanced around, momentarily caught up in the chatters around her before turning back to the XO. “So what brings you out here? Did you request the ship or it came up and you shrugged thinking, why the hell not??” She smiled and took a fruit juice from a meandering NE who was offering both juice and some other amber liquid, she guessed was synthehol, from a tray.


Benjamin hated dress uniforms, the collars were always much too tight and the fit always just a little off. He suspected that it was something in the Replicator codes but he didn’t have the skills or the patience to edit it. He also disliked the fact that he had to groom himself just for wearing it, not that he disliked showering or shaving but more that he disliked being told to do so by a third party let alone a uniform. Although he was late he still allowed himself the time for a proper shave and a more traditional parting of his dark hair. He then hastily made his way to the 17th deck’s entrance, the moment he entered he was flooded with the aroma’s of the different people and foods. He took a moment to categorize each individual scents which took him a little longer due to the volume of people in such a small space. He then moved towards the nearest NE Waiter and quickly removed a glass of synthahol from their tray.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Stark Nightstalker CIO

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