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Kaylee sat at a small table, alone, her gaze focused out the viewport at the stars. Occasionally she would pick up the teacup in front of her and take a small sip, replacing it again to the table in an almost robotic motion. To the casual observer, it appeared merely an off duty crew member enjoying a relaxing cup of tea. For anyone who might know better, this was when the diplomat became more retrospective and pensive.

She could not help but think about her mother. Not her actual mother, but the one she’d encountered in the parallel universe. She still could not understand how a person could become so full of hatred and pain, so devoid of respect for human life. The culmination of a life full of murder and betrayal and ruthlessness had been the death of mirror Kaylee.

So many of her friends and fellow crew members had come face to face with a doppelgänger in a more pleasant, or at least intriguing sort of way. Kaylee’s own interactions with her double had been far less enjoyable. That anger and rage she had seen in the other woman’s eyes, something about it still haunted her, as if looking into a mirror into her own soul.

Carelessly, she picked up her teacup once more and took another sip.

-Kaylee Baxter

Marishka had noticed the woman and decided to make a quiet approach.

“Did your server tell you about our specials or do you just need tea and stargazing today?” she asked in a low voice.

  • Marishka

“Oh…” Kaylee said absentmindedly, slowly turning her head to look over in Marishka’s direction. “Oh!” Her tone changed to a more surprised one. “Hello there,” Her voice was now back to its more cheerful tone, however her cheeks had flushed pink. Something about this woman… Kaylee didn’t know her very well but there was some kind of intrigue about her.

“No, I didn’t hear about the specials,” Kaylee said, smiling. “Perhaps you can tell me. I would love another cup of tea as well. The stars are always peaceful to look at. It has a soothing, calming effect for me.”

-Kaylee Baxter

Marishka motioned for another cup of tea to be brought before stepping a bit closer to review the specials.

“Well, we actually have a delightful herb salad today. I wasn’t certain everything was going to come together but it’s actually quite good. Peking duck if you’re into something more hearty and, for your sweet tooth, cheesecake. Our pastry chef is experimenting with something new. It tastes delicious so don’t let the color fool you.”

Marishka paused and gazed at the stars for a few moments.

“Yes, they are quite soothing aren’t they? No matter how many times I see them they never cease to calm.”

  • Marishka

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Kaylee gave a nod. “I do agree. Very soothing.” She gently placed her empty tea cup towards the empty side of the small table, looking back up at Marishka. “I don’t know if you know this about me, but I happen to have a bit of a sweet tooth.” She smiled, her blue eyes flashing. “Also cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts. So I think I will try a slice of that, thank you.”

-Kaylee Baxter

Marishka had warned the young blue eyed woman. Nodding, she stepped away and returned shortly with more tea and a large slice of bright blue cheesecake.

“Remember, I said our pastry chef was experimenting with different types of cheeses. Those aren’t blueberries but I’ve been told that it’s very similar to New York style cheesecake. Please. Your feedback would be most appreciated.” she said setting it down.

“If you don’t like it I’ll bring you something else.”

  • Marishka

Kaylee eyed the bright blue cheesecake for a moment. “Well let’s give it a try,” She said, picking up a fork and carving out a reasonable sized bite. She lifted the fork to her mouth and gave a small sniff. It smelled like cheesecake. She put it in her mouth and her taste buds were soon privy to that familiar richness and sweetness. There was a bit of a fruity flavor, not quite blueberry, as Marishka had mentioned, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.

“So, this is the Athena’s Lounge, eh?” a voice spoke up, a red-headed woman having approached the two. She gave a small smile, then a small wave. “I’m Jennifer. Mind if I join the party?” She was wearing her uniform, her hair pulled back into a low ponytail.

Cmdr Wallace, XO

Kaylee looked over and say the red haired woman, recognizing her as the ship’s new first officer from the personnel files. “Please have a seat,” Kaylee said, indicating the empty chair across from her. “I’m Kaylee, and this is our wonderful lounge host, Marishka. I’ve just been sampling one of the chef’s newest dessert creations.” She pointed with her fork to the bright blue cheesecake. “Would you care to have a taste?”

-Kaylee Baxter

Wallace looked at the bright blue food and shook her head slightly. “Ah, I think I’ll pass. I don’t like cheesecake,” she said by way of an explanation. “It’s nice to meet you both, Kaylee, Marishka.”

R’han seemingly appeared out of the darkness with an electric bluish translucent drink. He scanned the table from a distance for a moment, before noting one of the table participants glanced in his direction. Believing that his presence was known he decided to approach. “Good Evening Gentle beings. I believe in the parlance of humans… this must be the ‘popular’ table.”


Wallace, XO

“Well hello there R’han,” Kaylee said, giving him a smile. It had been a while since she had seen him or interacted with him, and she thought it cute that she could be considered amongst the ‘popular’ of the crew.

R’han spared her one of his infrequent smiles. She had no significant tactical value, but equally true was there was no reason to alienate someone who was attempting to be friendly.

Kaylee noticed his non-response and filed it away for further investigation. She didn’t know R’han all that well, but as a diplomat she wished to maintain good relations with all of her crew. One never knew when the particular skills of a certain crew member would come in handy during a diplomatic situation. She turned her attention towards the others.

Marishka glanced at the XO and smiled.

“I’m certain we could find something that would tempt you. Savory or sweet?” before turning her attention to the new arrival, “Hello yourself gentle being. I am not familiar with the term ‘popular table’ in any of the languages I speak. And Terran is so… Human that sometimes the same phrase can mean multiple things but, you are welcome to join us either way.”

  • Marshka

“Oh, popular table. Haven’t heard that term in a while,” Jennifer gave Stark a slight grin. “And I’ve never been at one. Marishka, the ‘popular table’ is wherever the popular kids sit at school. They had them in some of the vids I used to watch as a kid. We didn’t have enough kids at school to have a popular group,” she explained with a small chuckle, briefly reminiscing about her time as an elementary student. They’d had three classrooms. One for kids grade 3 and below, one for grades 4 to 8, and one for grades 9-12. Then you either went into trades, or you left the colony. She had a feeling that the growing population might call for more separation of grades, which was pretty exciting to think about. Maybe one day they’d even have a real college.

Wallace, XO

“I learned the term in one of my Vulcan Human social relations classes… we watched old holo-vids as a reference. I believe the film was called, “Mean Girls.” I found it very informative. However the tactics used in the movie lacked a certain level of viciousness and follow through. Their failure was to be expected against such a powerful central autocratic structure.”

R’han CTO

Marishka took a few seconds to understand this bit of particular information. Perhaps she had experienced it before but had just never been consciously aware of it.

“My formal education was mostly done via private tutor and my informal education was rather life driven if you take my meaning. Popular table indeed… It’s a saying I’ll have to remember.”

  • Marishka

Kaylee turned her attention to their new first officer, since she was a new arrival and they didn’t know much about her yet. “Where did you grow up Jennifer that you were at such a small school?” She asked.

-Kaylee Baxter

New Canada,” Wallace replied with a small smile, looking out the window. Her gaze was focused on the far, far away stars, a wistful expression growing clear. “A small colony in the Altean Sector. My paternal grandparents were among the founding members. It’s a seriously small colony, which is why I still need corrective lenses.” Without turning away from the window, she gestured to her nose, where the round spectacles sat. “The total population recently passed eight hundred, with the birth of my youngest niece.”

Wallace, XO

“I would surmise that the doctor on board could apply Retinax to resolve your vision issues.”


“Ah, Retinax is for age related vision problems. Old people stuff,” Jennifer put her hand on the back of her neck and smiled slightly at the Caitian. “Doesn’t work on what I have. Kids on Earth can get treatments to prevent astigmatism from developing, but we didn’t have access to that. And there’s not really any way to reverse it.”

“Cornea replacement.” R’han said emotionlessly. “Cornea transplants are about 400 years old on Earth. Regeneration and replacement, maybe 200 years… you shouldn’t limit yourself.”

“How old is this newest addition to your family, your niece?” Kaylee asked, smiling warmly, hoping to change the subject quickly from an intrusion on ones own medical decisions to something more lighthearted such as a baby.

-Kaylee Baxter

Glad to change the subject, and also beginning to realize that she was quickly becoming the center of attention, Jennifer answered Kaylee’s question. “Hailey has to be about 6 months old by now. I was saving up my shore leave to go visit. I guess it’ll be a bit longer before I can justify going all the way to Altean Sector. It… Takes a while to get there. My old ship was stationed a bit closer than the Athena.”

Wallace, XO


“Human’s have notoriously poor memories for faces and persons prior to 4 years in age. Your presence would likely go unappreciated by the child until then.” R’han offered unhelpfully. “I would surmise you could accumulate a great deal of time if you wait until then.”


Kaylee chuckled. “It’s not always about what the child will remember, R’han. Sometimes it is just as important for parents and family members to make memories of their own.” She looked over at Jennifer. “You can always make a holo-album or make some recordings for your niece. Give her a little taste of life aboard a starship.”

-Kaylee Baxterl

R’han shrugged. “That is true, humans are also notoriously needy for emotional support. So even though the details of your trip will be soon forgotten the emotions connected to it will last far longer.”


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