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Hi all.

I’m brainstorming for the next Sim. In the first, you saved the Universe from Time Distortion, in the second you saved two Universes from extinction… so for the third sim…

I thought maybe some R&R was in order… no seriously, rest… you still don’t believe me, do you? :-)

Anyway as always I’m about ways to include character development so pm me your ideas on things you’d like to have go down for your characters eg long lost love returns, a skeleton in the closet comes out, etc.

Merry Christmas all


Give me a week to get back to you on that. Holidays might murder me, lol. XD
-Janice B.

Bumping this in case not everyone has seen it.


evil mind control. Lets everyone have a moment to do their worse.


Should I be worried about R’han? :P

Not worried… just wary. haha.

Thanks to those who have sent me some requests about character development. The sim I’m planning might not accommodate everything you have planned however I’m making a file for each of your characters that will be a resource for me to use in the future.

That said please send me an email rather than posting stuff here, it makes it easier to collate the information as I’m setting up an email history for all of you starting now as well for ease of review.

Happy New Year all.

Happy new year my friend!

I’m sure soon, I’ll have plenty of material for you to cram into that folder you mention for Orvos. ;)


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