Side Sim - It's Been a While, But...

Posted Jan. 12, 2021, 1:15 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Daggum Hammor (Chief Operations Officer) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Lindsay Bayes in Side Sim - It’s Been a While, But…

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Daggum Hammor (Chief Operations Officer) in Side Sim - It’s Been a While, But…

Posted by Lindsay Bayes in Side Sim - It’s Been a While, But…


And that did it. Her head lowered and there was no helping the tears. Earlier, it was as if a great numbness had flowed over her. It was soooo hard to explain just how deeply she felt everything. And suddenly it all felt loose and free and threatened to swallow her. She lifted her head and nodded slowly, and then began to explain.

She explained how Commander Creed also was with Intelligence but her assignment had not gone through him. Which was suspicious. And then about how in the ready room, her mother (a woman she hadn’t seen in twenty-five years, showed up in a Starfleet uniform, with Intelligence and had confronted her about a possible issue with these secondary orders. And then she explained her unbelievably stupid plan to force things to happen faster before false evidence could be placed against her and allowed herself to be deemed a fugitive and be captured. She had spent the last two days in the brig.

Faye forced herself to breath. =/\=And really long story short, my handler came to sort things out but it turns out he’s not really my handler. He’s a fake. And somewhere out there, my real handler might be alive, but I can only imagine what they’ve done to him. But the worst part is even if we clear my name, I’ve ruined it all, Daggum. I’ve lied to them. Under orders, yes, but how can this crew trust me now? And the worst part is that this place is my home. And I haven’t had one of those since the Dominion burnt mine to the ground.=/\= She paused there. It was a lot and it wasn’t even the full picture.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist (USS Manhattan)

Daggum listened, taking in everything. As she told him about her trials, her flight through the Jeffries tubes and her time in the brig, his jaw clenched and unclenched. =/\= By all the gods above, Faye… =/\= he said softly as she finished. His voice was soft… kind, even. There was not a shred of judgment or hesitation in his voice when he simply looked at her and said =/\= I am glad you are safe. And I know… I know it, Faye… that you are going to get through this. And I am really glad you shared what is going on. Is there anything I can do from here to help? Anything, Faye. You can ask. I’m here to help you… whatever form that help takes. =/\= and he paused and leaned in closer to the screen and looked directly at her as best he could and said =/\= I’m here for you, ok? Always. =/\= and he looked at her a small smile spread across his deep red lips and he unconsciously touched the screen where her cheek was.

Hammor, Ops

Despite the tears, she smiled at him. =/\=Oh Gods, you’re a sweet man. Thank you. It’s… been hard. There’s a lot you don’t know about me, or might have only been rumour to you before you left, but before I came to the Manhattan I had spent the last year on medical leave on the Atlantis recovering from my last assignment. Where I ended up being captured by the Tal Shiar and was their… guest, for nine months.=/\= She all but laughed. =/\=You have to understand that the odds said I should never have made it out of there alive. But I did. And after everything I’ve been through in my life… the Maquis, the… Orion I told you about… I want to run, Daggum.=/\= Suddenly as this desire became clear, Faye got calmer. =/\=I want to run away and hide so badly right now. But I can’t. Because I promised myself that I would do more than survive. I’ve been determined to live. And I’m trying. Not that I’m getting much of a break here,=/\= she said with a bitter laugh.

Folding her arms on her desk, Calloway gazed at him. =/\=You can help though. Distract me from my mess? Tell me about you. What’s happening? You’re on the Athena now?=/\=

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist (USS Manhattan)

Hammor didn’t reply for a moment, he just looked at her with that small smile. Then he said very softly +/\= You can always run to me. I’ll always make sure you have a place to hide… even for just a minute. =/\= and then it seemed he may have not meant to say that out loud as his eyes went big for a second and he leaned back and looked away, a darkening of his cheeks indicating his embarrassment.

=/\= Me? Um.. yeah.. so… well… not a whole lot to say really. =/\= he stammered as he composed himself. =/\= I’ve been bounced around a lot more than I like the past few months. I just got on the Athena a few days ago. I was attached to Special Projects as the Head of Logistics before here, and before that I was the COO on the Dresden… but I was there like a few days before I got yanked. Something about resupplying a dreadnaught in three days with full stores and no breakdown in intake caught someone’s attention I guess. =/\= and then a sort of grin touched his lips and he said =/\= Oh, and I got promoted. Lieutenant Commander now. So there’s that. =/\= he said with a hint of pride in his voice.

Hammor, Ops

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