Side Sim - It's Been a While, But...

Posted Jan. 12, 2021, 3:33 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Daggum Hammor (Chief Operations Officer) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Lindsay Bayes in Side Sim - It’s Been a While, But…

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Daggum Hammor (Chief Operations Officer) in Side Sim - It’s Been a While, But…

Posted by Lindsay Bayes in Side Sim - It’s Been a While, But…
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=/\=Congratulations! Knowing you, it was very much earned,=/\= Faye said sincerely. He was an exceptionally hard worker, much like herself and he wasn’t above bashing heads together to get things done. She had always highly approved of unconventional methods.

=/\=Oh! I do have one thing I can tel you that isn’t a utter mess in my life and in fact I think the operations officer in you will appreciate the challenge it mounted,=/\= Calloway began with a growing grin as she leaned closer to the screen. =/\=I made a garden. Not by myself, of course, but i got permission to go ahead and use that free space on Deck Four for a crew green space. But, Daggum, it’s not just any garden, but green space, raised beds for food, a terraced hill, green house, tropical glass house. It’s amazing!=/\= she exclaimed, her entire face brightening up, as if all the hurts had just melted away for a time. =/\=Hold on a second, I’ll show you drawing I made…=/\=

Faye moved away from the screen for a moment to collect a medium sized PADD. When she returned, she held up the colourful drawing so he could see the basic layout.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist (USS Manhattan)

Hammor leaned forward and peered at the picture and smiled broadly. =/\= Faye… that is beautiful! And what a great idea for that space! The greenhouse is a solid addition… =/\= and he peered closer at the picture, his voice taking an edge of excitement.

=/\= Is that the actual layout? Do you have the terracing on the hill on the side with the food beds? If you do, you may want to move those beds a bit. If the terracing gives way, you lose all your fresh vegetables. Oh! and put your finger on the green house… yeah, right there. If you move your finger just an inch or two down and to the right just a bit… there. Now, if that drawing is close to accurate you would have room for a small mushroom house. Sunk into the ground a few feet and it would be ideal. Good place to put compost as well. If you give me the space dimensions, I can design one for you so you can fabricate it on board and not even have to go to Event Horizon. =/\= He stopped suddenly and looked away from the drawing and then directly at her, his eyes flashing like emeralds under shallow, sun-lit water. =/\= If you want to keep talking, that is. =/\= and he smiled at her. A warm and caring smile he hadn’t shared with anyone ever before.

Hammor, Ops

It was totally unfair that he was in an entirely different quadrant, because as much as she did want to run away, she had been honest about understanding that staying was the better choice for her. And yet… tempting. Very, very tempting. His smile was a soothing balm after hours of confusion, anger, despair and fear. Even when people had been kind to her (Pretha came to mind instantly), there was this whole layer of doubt and confusion that she couldn’t just brush away. Daggum hadn’t been a part of any of it, so it felt less tainted. Certainly more clear than whatever was or wasn’t between her and Alex. Because damn if their angry exchange in the brig hadn’t felt entirely real. =/\=Maybe for another minute? I can only put off things for so long.=/\= She looked at the drawing. and then back at him. =/\=I did put the food beds on the far sides, so they are safe. But I like the idea of a mushroom house! We definitely have space. Compost can go between the storage room and the greenhouse. So yeah, send me your thought. You know where to find me.=/\= She frowned slightly. =/\=Unless Intelligence decides to court martial me for breaking confidentiality but honestly at this point I’m not sure I have the energy to care.=/\=

Hammor laughed softly, his eyes not leaving her face. =/\= If they do, they’re not deserving of the title ‘Intelligence’. You are far too special for anyone to toss to the curb. =/\=

She pointed a finger at him. =/\=Can I get that on the record?=/\= she said, brows lifting as a gleam shone in her stormy eyes.

Faye considered him for a long few moment. =/\=Daggum… do you think people can change? Like, sure, personal growth is a thing. But do you think they can fundamentally change?=/\=

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist (USS Manhattan)

He regarded her for a few moments and then said =/\= Yeah, I do. For better or worse. I’ve seen it happen. Sometimes people just reach a point where they can’t or don’t want to be who they had been… so they become something else. Kind of like Earth butterflies. Life is a kind of chrysalis… makes people change into a whole new kind of thing. Sometimes, its worse. But sometimes… =/\= and he leaned forward and crossed his arms on the desk and looked at her closely, =/\= … sometimes its a thing of great beauty, something truly wonderful to see… =/\= He cocked his head to the side slightly and smiled at her, =/\=… especially after having spent so long without it. =/\=

Hammor, Ops

Faye hadn’t been looking for a specific answer and she wasn’t even entirely sure there was one, but as his words rolled through subspace, Faye found herself emotional once again. She nodded slowly, gratitude mixed in the sadness. She understood that in all of the mess, in all of the trauma the one single variable that was always present was her. She it had to be her, right? Something about her. And she supposed that all she wanted was a measure of hope, real hope. Maybe there really was a chance for her yet. Maybe that fascinating and strange future that Alex had spun about a possible Captain Faye Calloway could still be possible. She didn’t know if she even wanted that, but it was nice to know that not all was lost.

=/\=Well, I should go. I’m going to have to deal with all of this. And until I know what’s happening with my handler, it’s hard to just sit around. But… thank you Daggum, truly. It was a unexpected lovely call. Don’t be a stranger, okay?=/\=

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist (USS Manhattan)

Daggum watched her and nodded. =/\= Faye, I… ok. I won’t be. But you don’t either, ok? Comms work both ways… or did you miss that part of the relay? =/\= and he smiled at her, a smile that held a hint of sadness. He took a deep breath and steeled himself before he said =/\= I really miss you. I hope that doesn’t sound weird. I just wanted to tell you before we disconnected. And I know you are gonna be ok, Faye. And until then, just know that I am in your corner. No matter what. Ok? =/\= His last question hung in the air as if her response was, at least to him, as important as what was happening to her on the Manhattan.

Hammor, Ops

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