Quarters - Time for a Road Trip

Posted Jan. 13, 2021, 5:56 p.m. by Lieutenant Konral Vander (Chief of Security) (Steven Sigle)

Posted by Fleet Captain Ghubari Koraia (Captain) in Quarters - Time for a Road Trip

Posted by Lieutenant Konral Vander (Chief of Security) in Quarters - Time for a Road Trip

Posted by Fleet Captain Ghubari Koraia (Captain) in Quarters - Time for a Road Trip
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She smiled as his lips touched her neck. Good. Otherwise I was going to suggest my getting a tracking device. Just in case I get lost in your grandparents huge house and get cornered by some third cousin who wants to regale me with some family story I probably should know but probably couldn’t care less about, she teased. Here in bed with him, in the sanctuary of their quarters it felt like she could just pretend nothing else existed or mattered. Even as small thoughts about this task or that report wove its way in the back of her mind, Konral’s presence fended off most of the thoughts of work and duty and the stress of their last couple of missions.

I got plenty of boring stores I can tell you here… I am saving them up for a really bad ion storm. Konral

What are you looking forward to most? she asked, reaching out to gently stroke the side of his face.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Honestly, just getting to see my old bedroom. It’s silly, but with all sisters it always felt like a sanctuary to me in some ways. A way to get away from all the women in the house as they tried to grab me and drag me onto adventures only they would care about. I was often their own personal doll… having a place to hide was always something I looked forward to.

Vander, CoS

Should I get my own bedroom? Wouldn’t want to intrude on your space, she teased, though she also understood that they might both need some time to themselves on this trip. There just hadn’t bee much time to digest anything that had happened in recent days, let alone months, and if he wanted to be on his own at any point she certainly wasn’t going to put up a fuss.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

If you dare leave me alone in that house I will find you and tie you up and let Uncles Halen and Jolon talk to you on hours about the why Betazed subspace net shows are the best cause of the telepathic subtext that is missing from everything else… and they can go for hours on end on that topic. Konral said as he stuck his finger out teasingly as he pressed it up against her chest.

Vander, COS

Her bright laugh filled the bedroom and Ghubari couldn’t help but grin widely. Well, last I checked you are a grown man. Are you telling me you can’t handle even an hour by yourself with your own family? There was a sly thought that slipped in behind the ‘voiced’ one where she almost wanted to try it just to see if he could follow through on his playful threat.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Konral sat up as he took a deep breath before smirking at her. I imagine it’s like your family tribe, everyone knows your business and everyone thinks they know how to handle it better… being the youngest grandchild too also made it so all my cousins were older too… I had to fend for myself. Konral said, feeling a bit sad he never got to talk about his family. Reunions for him often had 200+ people who showed and he many times had to fake knowing everyone.

All of that made me find solace in myself more than anything, even if I was forced kicking and screaming to socialize with others.

Vander, COS

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