Quarters - Time for a Road Trip

Posted Jan. 18, 2021, 9:37 p.m. by Lieutenant Konral Vander (Chief of Security) (Steven Sigle)

Posted by Fleet Captain Ghubari Koraia (Captain) in Quarters - Time for a Road Trip

Posted by Lieutenant Konral Vander (Chief of Security) in Quarters - Time for a Road Trip

Posted by Fleet Captain Ghubari Koraia (Captain) in Quarters - Time for a Road Trip
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Konral sat up as he took a deep breath before smirking at her. I imagine it’s like your family tribe, everyone knows your business and everyone thinks they know how to handle it better… being the youngest grandchild too also made it so all my cousins were older too… I had to fend for myself. Konral said, feeling a bit sad he never got to talk about his family. Reunions for him often had 200+ people who showed and he many times had to fake knowing everyone.

She reached out and stroked the side of his face, gazing deeply into his eyes.

All of that made me find solace in myself more than anything, even if I was forced kicking and screaming to socialize with others.

Vander, COS

Ghubari smiled slightly. Hey, this is all new to me. I was an only child of a single parent and lived in a community where they thought I was possessed by malevolent spirits. I’m looking forward to seeing how a large family functions. Or… doesn’t, she teased.

Rolling over, she moved to get out of their bed. She had a few things to do before they left, but she knew she would need to finish packing first or it would never get done at this rate.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Okay, but if any of my aunts ask you which one of them has the best uttaberry pie, you say you can’t choose! Konral said emphatically, as he began to get the rest of the clothes in the suitcase, as he began to jump up and down on his to get it to squeeze shut. Two weeks off… do you think the ship will be in one when we get back? Konral asked her as he looked around, wondering what he might have missed.

Vander, COS

Ghuabri watched her husband try to use his body to squish his luggage and she couldn’t help but laugh. What exactly are you bringing? It’s Betazed, not the Gamma Quadrant. And certainly not any alternate universes… She moved over to her one bag and rolled up a sweater, tucking it neatly into one corner. She was a light packer. They were going to a planet where they could get stuff if it was really needed.

It never hurts to have more than enough, what if we got stranded on a planet filled with angry natives and we had to run and hide. Wouldn’t you he happy to have an extra pair of panties or socks or a new shirt to wear? Konral said, always one to prepare as one never knew what might happen.

Speaking of panties… Konral said as he pulled backs one of the sheets as he found hers with a smirk. I seem to have found yours he said playfully as he bundled them up as he tossed them playfully at her.

She caught them easily. Well I’m not taking those ones with me…

Oh! And how formal is this reception your parents are hosting? She had ideas for that, but much would depend on protocol and if she knew anything it was that the Betazeds loves rituals as much as her own tribe did.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

I asked them to make it fairly light. Some in my family will be upset cause they love to dress up nice, but I think it should be fine. Kestra threatened to smack my mom if she tried to make it too over the top. We were never Royals on the planet but mu grandparents had enough land that some had some expectations for us. My mom though does sometimes like to live up to the ideas of galas and balls of old… we put up with it cause it makes her happy but my dad is also trying to keep her knee jerk reactions in line.

Gander, CoS

Ghubari smiled. Awww, and here I was looking forward to the idea of finding myself a gown, she said idly. Finding one more object and slipping it in, she gave her bag on last zip and set it to the side. “Okay, I’m going to change and go check on stuff. After all, you’re right. Two whole weeks and I’m leaving my brand new XO in charge. I think I should be worried, but I think it might actually be a good experience for her,” she said aloud.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“I wouldn’t not bring a gown, my mother could always get her way, you never know. Why do you think I have a month of clothes with me? Though I wouldn’t say no to that bathing suit you like, we might be able to get away” he said as he looked around feeling like they had everything he could think of.

“Well, you want to say anything to the crew before we take off now would be the time”.

Vander, CoS

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