Holosuite 1- Even Leaders Have to Eat

Posted Jan. 18, 2021, 10:43 p.m. by Commander Jennifer Wallace (Executive Officer) (Miriam W)

Posted by Fleet Captain Ghubari Koraia (Captain) in Holosuite 1- Even Leaders Have to Eat

Posted by Commander Jennifer Wallace (Executive Officer) in Holosuite 1- Even Leaders Have to Eat

Posted by Fleet Captain Ghubari Koraia (Captain) in Holosuite 1- Even Leaders Have to Eat
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Another XO, another meal. But Ghubari’s shift in mood lately made it… actually she didn’t know what it was. Some might say ambivalence, others a measure of nonchalantness. Ghubari could only sum it up by saying: things happened.

Her offer to cook for Wallace was sincere, so she arranged a time the next day for them to have lunch as promised.

In the holosuite, at 1300 hours, Ghubari found herself inside the familiar whitewashed building she opted for door this program. Its open floor plan allowed air and light to move, giving a person space to breathe, to feel at ease. In the middle was a long counter with a sink that formed an island and was parallel to the cooking area that overlooked the back ‘yard’. Said yard was really just a dry ground with an improvised garden that opened up onto a set of plains with acacia trees dotted here and there and dry grasses. If there was a source of water, it was no where to be seen.

Dressed in a black tank top and a intricately patterned black, green, white and purple wrap skirt, Ghubari was at the kitchen island, stirring things into a simmering sauce. Despite Jennifer saying she didn’t like spicy food, Ghubari figured she should at least attempt her signature dish, albeit with some modifications. The pungent smell of the curry filled the space, but to her it smelled like home. The the left of the entryway was a sitting area with a sofa, coffee table and chairs, and to the right was a dining area that had a lovely view of the front of the house and the little village they were situated in.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

Jennifer adjusted her shirt as she stood in front of the Holosuite, tugging it down slightly. She wore a simple outfit, blue-jeans and a pale green t-shirt with a grey cardigan over-top. It was time to go in, of course. After a moment, she pressed the button that would cause the doors to slide open.

As she stepped in, the first thing she noticed was the temperature. It was warmer than the rest of the station, a little warmer than she’d really dressed for. Oh well. Off came the cardigan, and she slung it over her shoulder as she glanced around the environment.

It definitely wasn’t what she was used to for environments. Jenn supposed she might get the chance to shock her Captain’s system later with some New-Canadian weather. Might be fun. She stepped up to the doorway and stuck her head in. “Uhh, am I early?” She asked.

Wallace, XO

The empath grinned. “You’re here, so right on time,” she said. “Come on in. I’m just working on a couple things and then it won’t be long before lunch is ready.” She moved about the island getting rice ready to rinse.

“How are you settling in?” Koraia asked.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“It’s coming along. I’ve talked to just about everyone I absolutely have to talk to. Still working on getting to meet all the senior staff, but I’m sure some kind of staff meeting will take care of that eventually,” Jenn stepped over to a nearby chair and slid into it. “Emotionally, I’m in a much better place for sure. I’m missing the Equinox and her crew, but I think I’ll move past that eventually, just like I did when I was transferred from the Wolverine to the Equinox.”

She was thoughtful for a moment, then shrugged. “So… what’s for dinner?”

Wallace, XO

Koraia set a sieve of rice into a large bowl of water and swirled it around with her fingertips to get all the grains to sink. “Well, I know you don’t like too much spice, but I thought I might try my signature dish on you,” she said with a smirk. “It’s a common one where I’m from. Banana beef curry. Ever had anything like it before?” She was very mindful that the heat was knocked way down since she was all too aware that her sense of heat was not always the same as others.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“Ah… curry…” Jennifer tried to give Ghubari a genuine smile. She’d been fed some curries during her time at the Academy. This might go well, or it might go horribly wrong. All depended on the amount of spice the good captain thought would be appropriate. “I’ve had some curries before. Not sure if I’ve ever had Banana Beef Curry, but it could have happened. Ellie was an adventurous cook,” she let out a slightly nervous chuckle, remembering the Dream Team and all their chaos. “My friends in the Academy, we, uh, had kind of a round robin thing with meals. One of the guys, Gari, came up with the idea, something about tasting all that our many cultures had to offer. I got taken out of the rotation pretty quickly when they found out how bland my… cuisine was.” She reminisced softly. It was nice talking about her past… somehow it helped make the future more palatable.

Wallace, XO

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