17/18 Forward- Post-Mission Awards (ALL CREW)

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This though, this she could not hide. Isabel beamed in pride and she couldnt keep the smile off of her face or the tears from glistening in her eyes as she accepted the change of pips. It was hard to stand still but she did through it all, finally looking at the Captain and nodding. “Thank you Captain. Truly. It’s an honor to serve.” Then she dutifully stepped down so that the next person could be recognized.

Koraia gave Izzy a wink as the security officer left.

Kaylee clapped her hands with each passing promotion. She was always happy to see crew members rewarded for a job well done. She looked over and signaled the bartender for another drink.

-Kaylee Baxter

R’han gave each promotion a polite and respectful round of applause. What was interesting they were each identical in volume, frequency, and duration. R’han didn’t want to show favorites, mostly because he didn’t have any, but even if he did he wouldn’t want to reveal them.

R’han CTO

When she finally sat back down next to Lieutenant Vander, she looked just the same as she had on stage. She blinked rapidly to keep the tears from falling. Her family would be ecstatic. She knew her boss was proud of her too. Her demotion and transfer to main fleet from the Marines had been one of the most devastating blows she could ever have thought possible. Izzy had had to climb back tooth and nail and prove herself time and again. It had been such a hard battle for her. PTSD, the nightmares, the stress, the internal struggles, all worked on so that she did not shame her ship and crewmates. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly before lifting her glass for a sip. Now she wished for something considerably stronger than the cocktail in hand.

Delaney, Sec

Smiling widely Konral patted Izzy on the back with a wide grin. “See, just need to give you a kick in the right direction… I am glad to have you on my team Izzy…” Konral said with a wide almost paternal-like smile. “This means you have to buy lunch now that you got promoted,” he said with a wink as he leaned back as he looked up smiling at Ghubari.

Karina went and sat down. She hadn’t expected to be promoted, and the pleasure of the rank advancement was making her grin much wider on the inside than the outside where a very calm smile had settled on her lips. It occurred to her that being obnoxious and persistent were good things… on occasion.

Lt JG Karina Niles

Casting her gaze once again over the crowd, Ghubari settled on their rather enigmatic Chief Engineer. “Lieutenant Legen, your turn,” she said lightly. She was actually having quite a bit of fun, all told, and she didn’t mind if people actually knew that.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

At the mention of the CE, Marishka motioned for a fresh glass of champagne whether it would be to toast his promotion or something else she wasn’t quite sure yet.

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