Quarters - Time for a Road Trip

Posted Jan. 19, 2021, 10:36 a.m. by Lieutenant Konral Vander (Chief of Security) (Steven Sigle)

Posted by Fleet Captain Ghubari Koraia (Captain) in Quarters - Time for a Road Trip

Posted by Lieutenant Konral Vander (Chief of Security) in Quarters - Time for a Road Trip

Posted by Fleet Captain Ghubari Koraia (Captain) in Quarters - Time for a Road Trip


Ghubari smiled. Awww, and here I was looking forward to the idea of finding myself a gown, she said idly. Finding one more object and slipping it in, she gave her bag on last zip and set it to the side. “Okay, I’m going to change and go check on stuff. After all, you’re right. Two whole weeks and I’m leaving my brand new XO in charge. I think I should be worried, but I think it might actually be a good experience for her,” she said aloud.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“I wouldn’t not bring a gown, my mother could always get her way, you never know. Why do you think I have a month of clothes with me? Though I wouldn’t say no to that bathing suit you like, we might be able to get away” he said as he looked around feeling like they had everything he could think of.

“I have something that will do in a pinch and the need arises to find something else, I’m sure I can manage,” she said with a gleam in her eyes.

“Well, you want to say anything to the crew before we take off now would be the time”.

Vander, CoS

Ghubari chuckled. “Nah, those who need to know something, already do. The rest… well, this is the Athena, they’ll figure it out.” She was teasing and yet very serious at the same time.

“Okay, have to go do one thing. Meet you at the shuttle in an hour,” she said, stepping up to him and planting a tender kiss on Konral’s cheek.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“Okay, I will finish getting her prepped and we can head out when you arrive.” He replied with a warm smile as he kissed her cheek back as he turned around and looked at the bags.

“I wonder if I can get a crewmen to do all this for me…” Konral pondered, not wanting to slug all the stuff down to the shuttle bay himself.

One Hour Latter

Konral sat in the cockpit, going over his pre-flight check as he waited for his wife to arrive as he began to bum a soft song. She would know if she walked in as the song they danced to at their wedding, as he smiled softly to himself.

Vander, CoS

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