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Posted Jan. 19, 2021, 2:01 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Daggum Hammor (Chief Operations Officer) (James Sinclair)

The office was in a state of major disarray. Without an actual Operations Officer on board in a while, it seemed (from the physical evidence) that some of the crew had taken the spot over as a place to catch an unsupervised nap or engage in other ‘extra curricular activities’. Hammor frowned and shook his head. Of course… he thought to himself, but he didn’t get angry. He knew from the reports the Athena’s crew had been through it and then some. “Can’t fault anyone for needing a break, but did they have to leave it on the desk? That’s just unsanitary.” he mumbled and began to gather the vestiges of down-time and clear the space.

Two hours later, the office was cleaned (and sanitized) and Hammor sat as his desk (in a new chair). On the display was the standard stores list he had compiled and created on his way to the ship. Next to it was a list of current stores and levels; as well as the very long list of requisitions form all of the various departments on the ship. These he was in the process of prioritizing it when his comms activated. =/\= Athena Operations. This is Starbase 1-5-7 Quartermaster. I’m gonna need to discuss some of these orders. Athena. Looks like you won’t be getting about half of what is here. =/\=

Hammor took a breathe and slowly exhaled. The call was not only expected, it was predictable. Not one time had he been aboard a ship and the station or dock not given him a hard time about requisitions. Half the time it was simply lack of organization and the supplier didn’t know what all they had, so it was easier to just say no. Half of the remaining time was because they didn’t want to give up what they had. And the rest of the time it was because they didn’t want to deal with the sheer amount of work it took to resupply a ship back from extended deployment. Somehow, it was though that replicators could solve anything… Idiots. Hammor thought to himself. Well, to the matter at hand then… figuring out which one of the three this one was.

Hammor tapped the comms and said =/\= 1-5-7 this is Athena Operations, Lieutenant Commander Hammor. Didn’t think we were requesting anything out of the ordinary. And we aren’t pressed for time. So what seems to be the problem? =/\= With a delivery born of practice, the response came through. =/\= Well, Athena, this isn’t exactly Star Base 1, now is it? We have some of what you need, but the rest is already slated for other ships. I mean, I can place a request for the outstanding materials of course, but it will take a few weeks. =/\=

Number two it was, then. Hammor smiled a wholly unsettling smile that would have unnerved anyone had they been present to see it. =/\= Oh… I see. Already spoken for, is it. Well… that certainly happens. If you could, go ahead and send me the list of the ships that are slated for those outstanding materials. I’ll speak to their Operations officers and come up with a solution for everyone involved. =/\=

There was a long pause from the other end before the Quartermaster respoded. =/\= Commander, I’m sure you understand that those requests are confidential and I can’t just go around telling just anyone who is requisitioning what. Operational security and all. =/\= Hammor’s grin widened. =/\= Of course. In that case, why don’t you contact them and try and figure out a way to make this work? =/\= =/\= Um… well… I really am swamped right now, Commander; and I just don’t have the time to - =/\= and Hammor cut him off. =/\=- No problem. You go ahead and make the calls, Quartermaster. I’m on my way to lend you a hand. As a designated Operations officer, I have the authority to sign off on transfers between all Star Fleet and Federation vessels and stations. I’ll handle your docks while you make those calls for me. Least I could do to help you help me. Sound good? =/\=

Another long pause and, for a moment, Hammor thought that maybe the Quartermaster had fled. =/\= No, no… thats… thats fine, Commander. Um, just give me some time and I’ll try and get you your full requisition. I mean, you guys have been out a long time, and the other ships are not nearly as in need. Just give me two days to get everything settled and then we will begin your load-in. =/\= Hammor stared at the office wall and drummed his fingers on the desk. =/\= Much appreciated, Quartermaster. But I don’t want to keep your crews on the hook that long. That’s not fair to them, after all. So we will commence load-in in twelve hours. You stage the supplies and we will handle the movement. See you then. =/\= and he cut the comms. He then called the bridge and said =/\= Operations to bridge. When the station Quartermaster calls, tell them I’m on vacation for the next twelve hours. =/\=

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