Lounge-Taking a Late Break

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“Hmm, Janna mused and held up a finger. “No psychological thrillers. I’ve dealt with enough abnormal psych in my career and I try not to bring my work home with me. “But, action could be fun. And I like drama with good character. Comedies are welcome too.”

She snorted. “I really narrowed that down for you, didn’t I?” Kingston said.

~Janna Kingston, ACNS

Marishka seemed to appear from out of nowhere. It was her turn behind the bar and she had a habit of just slipping in. It always left Ted a bit perplexed but he knew it was just her way so, he shrugged and politely murmured to her getting her caught up on whom was drinking what, how long they had been there, etcetera. She knew about the new Ops officer but, seeing him there in her bar, was quite another story. As a half Orion female with Klingon bolstered pheromones there was no way he wouldn’t have noticed her no matter what she did in despite her years of practiced control. The tingle in his nose would be faint but familiar.

Quickly she walked to a terminal behind the bar and readjusted the atmospheric controls. Generally speaking, Marishka wasn’t fond of Orion males but she didn’t have that luxury at this moment. As soon as she was off shift, she would be paying Stark a visit. For now she decided to have a double shot of Hot Blood and get on with her job.

  • Marishka

Hammor was chuckling and smiling one moment… and suddenly his face went rigid and his whole body tensed up. He sniffed the air and his head whipped around and he stared directly into Marishka’s back with a look bordering on either fear or rage. Taking a moment to visibly compose himself, he turned back to Janna. “Sorry about that. It’s an Orion thing…” and he smiled a somewhat apologetic smile. “Well… at least it’s a this Orion thing. Now where were we?”

Hammor, Ops

She glanced between Hammor and Marishka casually. Janna knew better than to pry when it wasn’t called for, or the moment was wrong, and instead she just filed the information away as maybe being helpful at some point. Even with friends it was important to know when to push or not, and when something is vital to a person’s interactions. “Well, aside from vetoing psychological thrillers, I was being unhelpful at picking, and so I think you’re just going t have to suggest something you think I’d like. Even though we’re more or less strangers,” she said with a grin.

~Janna Kingston, ACNS

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