Sickbay - Onboarding

Posted Jan. 22, 2021, 8:17 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Lane Grauagen (Medical Researcher) (Crissy N)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Benjamin Grey (Chief Medical Officer) in Sickbay - Onboarding

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Lane Grauagen (Medical Researcher) in Sickbay - Onboarding
Lane inclined his head towards West, “and you probably need to meet with security.”

West raised his eyebrows. “Do I?”

The doctor paused, and they came to a stop near the doors of the main medbay. “Don’t you?”

They looked at each other for a long, silent moment. It felt familiar, though it was not. He had long concluded he knew this man and felt compelled to accept this as it was, same as anything. His name was Lane. He had extensive medical knowledge. This was not his first time aboard the Athena. He liked coffee. He knew Isaac West.

Lane was pushed towards the doors before he turned too inward—“if someone murders you in medical, nothing I could do anyway”—and he allowed the momentum to take him inside. The sight of it pinged through his nervous system, running up from the flat of his feet and he felt, almost, looser.

He knew where the CMO office was.

And so he went.

Grauagen, Medical

The door to the CMO’s office was open, sitting behind the desk was a thin man in his thirties with lieutenants Pips. He was reading something on his console. There was almost half a minute before he looked up towards the new arrival. Green eyes scanned Grauagen with mild curiosity “Can I be of assistance Commander?” He asked, his accent a tempered southern Scottish.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Lane was a slender man, short for most Human males, pale and blonde and quiet. He looked as if he didn’t sleep much, or at least not well, both of which were truths. His hands jumped minutely, a reflex for pockets for a doctor’s coat he was not wearing. It was a motion he would have introspected, but the voice had caught his attention more thoroughly.

“Ah. You’re a Grey.” It was said with a significance, though Lane’s voice was as mildly soft as it seemed it would be.

He should smile now. He had taken the liberty as to not as of recent and, while he knew it was not correct, it felt more accurate. There was something to space that made it harder to be anything but himself. Whoever that was. “Lane Grauagen,” he added, without the smile, in answer to the original question.

Grauagen, Medical

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