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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Daggum Hammor (Chief Operations Officer) in Lounge-Taking a Late Break
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Kingston let her gaze wander surreptitiously about until she found the couple he indicated. She glanced back at her drink casually before taking another, deeper look. “She’s recently found herself gambling a little more than she used to. You know, it was the odd bet here and there and before she knew it she owed someone quite a bit of latinum. The Bajoran is her friend and he loaned her some credits to pay off an earlier, smaller debt, but he recently found out about her bigger debt. Turns out the person the bigger debt is owed to some wealthy owner of a merchant ship conglomerate, who may or may not be tied to shady dealings. No one’s quite sure. But, her friend heard from another friend about a really good investment in cormaline mines that will triple the investment and they are now debating whether to take the risk to pay off the debt or not.”

Hammor chuckled softly and said “Nice. But I think you are off the mark. You see, he is an undercover FedSec agent and she is one of his confidential informants. He’s here because he thinks he may have been compromised, and a ruthless gang of pirates is after him because he intercepted a spice shipment of theirs and now they are in the hook to their mysterious pirate captain, who they have only spoken to via subspace text messages. He’s trying to convince her to hide him on board long enough to make a getaway. Little does he know, however, that… duh duh duhhhhhhshe is the pirate captain, and she is laying a trap for him in order to reclaim her ill-gotten fortune!”

Janna let out a little laugh, mindful to not draw too much attention lest anyone figure out they were being watched. “Oh good, adventure and a sense of humour. I think you can stay,” Kingston said with a grin.

Ann made her way to the table with menus as Marishka requested. She was usually very bubbly and had no problem striking up a conversation but, her Aunt was a counselor and that had made for some frosty family gatherings and the emerald giant sitting with her was breath taking. Damn her boss for sending her here.

Shaking it off, she made it the rest of the way over.

“Hello fellow diners. My name is Ann and this is out new dessert menu. The items marked in gold are our newest, freshest, offerings from the pastry chef we have recently acquired. It’s amazing the secondary skills you can find from people working on a starship. Please let me know if anything strikes your interest and I’d be happy to help you or maybe the boss lady could come over herself and assist you.”

With that, she glanced back at the bar to indicate Marishka but the woman had slipped away. This confused Ann for a few seconds because she was used to Marishka’s presence. Smiling, she turned back waiting to see what they might like to order.

  • Ann

Janna offered the woman a warm smile. “Well hello Ann,” she said before letting her gaze drop to the dessert menu. “Ohhh, okay, if it’s fresh it might just be good enough. But I am leaning heavily towards the apple pie. Is it possible to get it warm and with vanilla bean ice bream?” she said eagerly.

~Janna Kingston

Hammor looked over the menu and then said “Ok, you got me. You can bring me the Black Forest cake.” and he handed the menu back to Ann. “And to be clear, the whole cake. I didn’t get this demure and petite figure eating things by the slice.” and he smiled at Ann.

Hammor, Ops

It took a second for Ann to reply. She was quite certain he didn’t get that figure by doing anything by the slice.

“The whole cake it is. Extra whipped cream I’m certain. Are you fond of any specific strain of vanilla ma’am? I think the Tahitian is wonderful at this moment but maybe that’s just me. I like things a little spicy.” she said taking their menus.

  • Ann

“Tahitian sounds lovely,” Janna replied, now looking even more forward to the pie.

She cast her gaze back to Hammor. “If you’re getting a whole cake, I’m so stealing a cherry by th way. Just thought it fair to warn you.”

~Janna Kingston, ACNS

Hammor looked at her with mock severity. “People have died for less, I will have you know. Just thought it fair to warn you, as well.” and then he grinned. “But seeing as I don’t have any idea what vanilla is, you have to let me try some. It’s only fair if you are stealing from me first.” and he leaned back and looked at her for a moment.

Kingston grinned. “Sounds like a fair exchange to me.”

“I must say, I am very pleasantly surprised by how the evening has turned out. Did not expect to be having this much enjoyment right about now. So thank you for making my first night aboard a pleasant one.”

Hammor, Ops

“Hey, counsellors become defacto morale officers on a starship most of the time, so just consider this a part of the welcoming committee,” Janna said with a laugh. “But you’re welcome.”

~Janna Kingston, Assistant CNS

Hammor grinned and said “Well, as long as this is part of the welcome everyone gets, I’ll try to think myself as special.” and he laughed. He looked around and then back to her. “You know… I think I’m gonna like it here.” he said with a smile.

Hammor, Ops

Va’rek wandered into the lounge and took a seat at the bar. He was going over something on a PaDD while deciding on a beverage order. He’d been quite wrapped up in work for many days, having fallen down a theoretical rabbit hole which he was trying to prove with mathematical work before trying an actual experiment.

-Va’rek, Engineer

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