SB 157 Promenade - New Faces, Old Baggage

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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Daggum Hammor (Chief Operations Officer) in SB 157 Promenade - New Faces, Old Baggage

Posted by Civilian Marishka (Lounge Host) in SB 157 Promenade - New Faces, Old Baggage

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Daggum Hammor (Chief Operations Officer) in SB 157 Promenade - New Faces, Old Baggage
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Hammor was finally off duty, if just for a day. Utilizing some of that free time, he changed out of his uniform and put on civilian clothes: Blue jeans, black shoes, white t-shirt with a logo on it that read ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ and had a figure in an odd outfit that looked like webs over red and blue spandex. A soft brown jacket completed the ensemble; and he stepped off the transporter and made his way through the station to the central shopping area… the station’s Promenade.

As a larger station, the Promenade was big and filled with various shops, merchants, vendors, and eateries. Hammor decided that a once around was necessary before picking anything up; so he began wandering around and looking at the offerings and making note of anything that piqued his intrest.

Hammor, Ops

Even though Marishka’s reason for being on the Athena had become quite convoluted and murky, she was enjoying it for the time being. One day, hopefully, all would be clear. For now, it was a safe place to be even though it would be considered dangerous by some. Being able to step out onto the stations was quite refreshing. She couldn’t very well have her personal tailor tag along on the Athena so, spending a few hours with Dahl Athyn were very rewarding.

When the young woman had told her of the handsome Orion she had seen, Marishka almost didn’t believe her. Athen’s taste in men was quite different than Marishka’s and, anything Orion, or Klingon, was suspect to Marishka. But now, here he was, walking ten paces in front of them.

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Daggum paused at a kiosk that sold small bags of roasted nuts from a nearby planet. He smiled broadly at the merchant and appeared to have a lively and friendly exchange. As he took the bag and nodded his thanks, he turned his bulk in the direction of Marishka and his emerald eyes locked onto her and narrowed. His jaw noticeably clenched; but he took a breath and, as they came closer, he said “Ma’am. Nice to see you.” and gave her the barest of courteous nods and prepared to continue on his way.


The young Bajoran woman travelling with Marishka took a step back. She had seen a few interactions like this before and knew that it would play out however it was meant to.

Marishka smiled easily and took a half step forward, her silver eyes looked him up and down and she was the picture of calm ease. She could tell he was lying but it was an easy polite lie.

“Really? Well I wouldn’t be offended if it wasn’t but I thank you for your kindness. Have you been here long?”

She wasn’t certain why she had started the conversation, he most likely didn’t with to engage with her. Most Orion men she had known greeted women out of habit and deference, not a desire for conversation. But Marishka was no ordinary woman. Her features would tell even the dimmest man that her coloring was not completely Orion and her striking features bore the hallmarks of her Klingon heritage. Today she chose not to dress like an Orion or a Klingon or even the Grecian persona that the members of the Athena had grown used to seeing her in. Today she simply wore a pair of black skinny jeans and a sequined black halter top which showed of her trademark belt and red hourglass navel piercing. Her dark wavy hair was down and reached nearly to her waist.

  • Marishka

Hammor was many things, but among them was courteous… even if that sometimes was a struggle. Even as his brain said Typical. She knows I don’t want to talk to her, but of course her wishes are more important. a smile, only slightly forced, made its way from his lips to almost his eyes and he said “I have no wish to offend, Ma’am. And not long, no. Just started my first look around at what is being offered. Would you two care to join me?” The surprise at his last comment almost but not quite broke through the calm exterior. Why why why why would you ask that, idiot? he thought to himself. Well, damage done. Might as well lean into it. He looked down at her fully and then stepped to the side and turned to stand next to her.

“Looking for anything in particular? Or just window shopping?” he asked in a slightly more friendly manner.

Hammor, Ops

Marishka could tell that he really didn’t relish her company but, perhaps, it was in his best interest to have companions at the moment. Had he been sent here? Had he noticed the exquisite Opal she ware around her neck? Even if he had the symbols were on the frame work laying against her skin, not facing outwards for everyone to see, especially a strange Orion male.

“Oh… I’m just wandering. It’s kind of what I do. Window shopping… Yes. Perhaps for a bit, I’m certain you have other things to do today and I have a feeling we wouldn’t want to keep each other too long. Please, let’s continue.”

She was determined to walk whatever way he was going because, in truth, Marishka had no destination for several hours. About that time, Athyn stepped to Marishka’s other side and whispered into her ear. This seemed to anger Marishka but she simply shook her head and moved on, Athyn silently in tow.

  • Marishka

Hammor’s first inclination, beat into him by years of such ‘lessons’, was to fall in step behind Marishka. The fact that it was still habit galled the massive-framed Orion more than he cared to admit… and certainly wouldn’t let it show in front of the likes of her. Instead, he stayed to her side and moved from stall to shop, looking at wares and eating some of the nuts he had purchased.

“I have to say,I didn’t expect to see another Orion on board. Have you been on the ship long?” he asked, his voice even and professional… if a bit clipped.

Hammor, Ops

Marishka hadn’t been in this close proximity to a male Orion since her brother’s wedding. That had been a disaster on so many levels it made her blood run cold. Luckily his question pushed the memories away but the dark thoughts lingered.

“No. And I’ll be leaving soon. Just passing through as it were. And what about you?” she asked casually.

“Just arrived. Hoping I stay in one place for longer than I have recently, though. For once I’d like to unpack fully.” Hammor replied conversationally.

It was a lucky thing for him that he hadn’t fallen in step behind her like many Orion males had done in the past. In her current state of mind, she would have turned to face him and somehow, someway, it would have lead to blood shed.

There was an announcement over station wide intercom and Athen touched Marishka’s free hand and spoke softly, “I can cancel and delay, but that is my shuttle.”

Marishka turned and looked down at the young woman. “Absolutely not. I won’t have you missing your mother’s birthday on my account. You’re work was exquisite as usual and your account has already been credited. I’ve upgraded your berth on the shuttle. No tailor of mine flies like a commoner. Now go little one.” she said playfully giving the other woman a pat on the shoulder which effectively turned her in the right direction.

  • Marishka

Commoner… typical. Hammor thought to himself. As the young woman made her way off, Hammor simply waited for Marishka to resume their walk. “Tailor? And here I thought she was your security detail.”

Hammor, Ops

Marishka looked Hammor up and down. He was impressively built but se would expect nothing less given her suspicions about the man. And now they were all alone together, or so it might seem.

“Oh no. But I did send my security detail with her. Part of it at least.” she commented with a smile.

Marishka enjoyed being enigmatic about her security. People could believe whatever they wanted on the subject. If they wanted to find out bad enough, they only need test her.

  • Marishka

“How generous.” he said flatly. They walked a bit further and then he then stopped and looked at a small shop. It was a Veruvian glass vendor. Small glass figurines and various other glass sculptures were set against the front window, all having the characteristic green tint of that species native art. Through the window, an open shop with a viewing area for potential customers to watch the artisan work. Veruvian glass was malleable at low temperatures, but hardened as the temperature grew warmer. At normal room temp, they were rock hard and thus a mainstay of many collectors. Hammor looked at the display a while and then said, without looking at Marishka, “Are you familiar with the art?” There was a slight edge to his voice, but his demeanor was still professionally courteous.

Hammor, Ops

Marishka was watching the glass blower with interest but that didn’t stop her from noticing the edge in Hammor’s voice. It could mean many different things but, right now, none of them concerned her.

“Not so much it’s intricacies however, I believe it’s different than say glass blowing you might find on Earth, or other such planets. Quite lovely.”

  • Marishka

“I think it would be harder to work so bundled up rather than stripped down to deal with heat… but what would I know about such things, really?” Daggumn replied dryly. “One moment, if you would please.” and he walked inside.

Through the window, he could be seen talking to a figure behind the counter, and then a few moments later a small bag was handed to him and he came back out. “Shall we continue?” he asked.

Hammor, Ops

Marishka had never given much thought about working with glass of any kind, in any temperature.

As he entered the shop, she looked around. Was somebody following them? Were they being watched? She had a few suspicions but her thoughts were firmly in hand by the time he had returned.

“Yes, let’s.”

  • Marishka

Hammor began walking, slowing his stride so that the shorter woman didn’t have to trot to keep up. Looking straight ahead he said conversationally, but low enough to keep their words private, “So what did bring you to the Athena? Even if you are ‘just passing through’, it seems an out of the way place to stop over… unless that’s the point?”


Marishka laughed sharply wondering what this man thought he knew about her. She hadn’t said anything about the Athena yet and didn’t plan to. They were still on the station proper.

“I’m a traveler. I enjoy being everywhere at once sometimes. Settling for too long just isn’t in my blood. And what about you?” she made a point to look up at him. It was true, he was much taller than her but, her finely sculpted legs had no problem keeping up with him.

  • Marishka

OOC: Sorry. I thought this was after their initial exchange in the ship’s lounge.

“I was assigned to a ship. The ship is here. Pretty simple.” he answered without looking at her. He walked along in silence for a moment and then said “I haven’t seen one of your kind without some of their property trailing along behind them before. Did they get held up at customs?” he asked with more than a hint of sarcasm.

Hammor, Ops

OOC: No, I thought we had discussed this being on the station. LOL

IC: Marishka gave him another sharp look.

“There aren’t very many of my particular kind but I wouldn’t expect anybody to understand that and, as for my property, I want them as far away form me as possible. As a matter of fact I commanded it to be that way.” she stated imperiously.

“As for the Athena, that is my business and something I tell no-one. For now, I serve. Yes, take the irony of that for whatever you like. You couldn’t possibly understand and I couldn’t possibly care if you do.

  • Marishka

Daggum stopped short and glared down at Marishka. “I couldn’t possibly understand what it’s like to serve? Or irony? Seriously?” and he laughed out loud, but it wasn’t a laugh based in humor. “Damn, lady… you are a right site, you know that?” he said somewhat loudly before composing himself. Much more quietly, but with a razor-sharp edge to his voice, he bent low so he could look her in the eyes.

“You know, I saw your kind my whole life growing up: Rich, privileged, arrogant… wholly superior in all they do. But you aren’t special, lady. You’re just like the rest of the owners who threw children into pits to fight. Probably did so yourself too, didn’t ya? Yeah… I understand serving. I had owners just like you. And I get irony… especially right now. Because the irony is no matter how much money you have… how much power… how many slaves , blades, guns, or fists you have ‘protecting’ you… right now you are just another schmuck working for a living.” and he stood up straight and looked down at her.

“I don’t care why you are here, actually. I really don’t. I was curious at first. But then I realized you’re just another wannabe emerald-skinned serpent with delusions of grandeur. So you go ahead and pretend that you are better than everyone you lay eyes on. See where that gets you when you need someone to look out for you when your money runs out. Because trust me… I’ve seen that happen more times than you can count.” and he spread his hands to the side and shrugged before taking a step back and beginning to walk away.

Hammor, Ops

She giggled as he walked away, he couldn’t have been further from the truth. It was obvious he was in no frame of mind to learn anything about her but, if he was going to be a crewman on the Athena, they were going to cross paths again and again and someday, if she let him, he would have no choice.

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