Spa On the The Station - Working Out The Kinks

Posted Feb. 22, 2021, 2:38 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Daggum Hammor (Chief Operations Officer) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Ensign Viyara Nazeen (Scientist) in Spa On the The Station - Working Out The Kinks

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Daggum Hammor (Chief Operations Officer) in Spa On the The Station - Working Out The Kinks

Posted by Ensign Viyara Nazeen (Scientist) in Spa On the The Station - Working Out The Kinks
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Daggum put his arms around her and hugged her gently to him. “I’m not mad… I was, but that’s over with, okay?” and he just held her for a moment.

“Okay,” Viyara mumbled into his chest as she wrapped her arms around him as well.

“It’s okay if you are scared. Just don’t let that fear control you, ok? Acknowledging it is good. But you control you. Not anyone else. And how you or we continue from here is up to you. We can get dressed and take off. Or I can go and you can enjoy this yourself. We can sit and talk. We can go back in the bedroom and crawl under the covers and pretend the rest of the galaxy doesn’t exist. Whatever you need or want… it’s all fine by me.”


“I want you to stay,” Viyara replied without hesitation. “I want to crawl under the covers with you again and forget everything, but that would be just another way of me running away. At least right now. And I don’t want to run. So maybe we can talk some and then do other things later. The night is still young after all,” she finished with a wink. She was scared of talking, but she had meant it when she had just said that she didn’t want to run. She had never believed in fate, but right now she wondered if them running into one another had been more than a coincidence.

~Viyara Nazeen

“Talk it is, then.” and he leaned down and gave her a soft kiss to let her know they were ok… if not right then then they would be. “Go have a seat, get comfortable. I’m gonna grab the big comforter and the food. Be right back.” and he walked back into the bedroom.

Viyara returned his kiss and then walked towards the couch. Settling down, she placed her feet on the couch as well and hugged her knees once more to her chest. She was suddenly feeling cold and exhausted. Their confrontation and the emotional roller coaster she’d been through had taken their toll. But she didn’t want to sleep. She was just beginning to build up the courage to talk. Taking a nap again would probably undo that. Or so she feared anyway.

Coming back in pushing the dinner cart with the blanket over his shoulder, he moved towards the couch and set everything up so that it was within easy reach of both of them. He then shook the comforter so it billowed out and settled over Viyara and the couch. He sat down, pulled the cover over him a bit and then looked at her and said “Hungry?”


As Daggum had entered the living room, Viyara had shifted slightly and was now sitting cross-legged on the couch. Pulling the blanket up a little further, she nodded. “Yeah,” she replied with a soft sigh and reached for some of the cheese and a piece of bread. For a few moments she ate in silence before admitting, “I’m not really sure what to say.”

~Viyara Nazeen

Daggum chewed his food quietly and waited for her to speak. When she did he smiled. “I know. And thats fine. Just talk about whatever is on your mind. Anything. Opening up takes practice… don’t worry.”


“Anything?” Viyara asked a little sceptically as if she found it hard to believe that he really meant it.

“Anything.” Daggum replied and took another bite.

After a few moments of silence during which she ate more of the food in front of them, she said, “There are always a lot of things on my mind. I almost always think of some science things. Like the project I’m currently working on and that already got me into a little trouble with my superior. I’ve also been thinking a lot about the Athena and her crew. And even more so than ever before I’ve been thinking about my past since coming here. Especially since I went rock climbing on the holodeck with the Captain the other day.”

~Viyara Nazeen

“Why did rock climbing with the Skipper make you think about your past?” he asked and looked at her.


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