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It was early evening the day after the promotion ceremony. Marishka had looked for Orvos most of the night. Between serving drinks and making pleasantries the Chief Engineer had eluded her so, she had decided to make a rare foray from The Parthenon and meet him in his domain.

Stepping out of the lift she carried a long case in one hand and a small bag in the other. Her impressive figure wrapped in pale gold velvet from right shoulder to upper thigh. Her black boots made no sound on the deck. Glancing around she caught the first set of eyes looking her way.

“Where is your master? I mean… Where’s the Chief Engineer?” she asked calmly.

  • Marishka

The Vulcan’s eyebrows rose at the term ‘master’. “Lt Legen isn’t on Duty just now, have you tried contacting him?” his voice was even, but not quite as robotic as a Vulcan usually might sound. He continued entering something into his PaDD as he spoke.

-Va’rek, Engineer

Marishka noticed the raised eyebrow and realized she had spoken out of turn.

“Yes, I should do that. I was under the impression he was here though. Perhaps I should leave a note with the appropriate department to check the computers again. My apologies for disturbing you.” she said calmly.

=^=Chief Legan. This is Marishka. May I meet you somewhere please?=^=

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“Is there something I could help you with? Is something broken?” Va’rek asked once Marishka had made her comm call.
-Va’rek, Engineer

Marishka smiled politely.

“No. This is a personal matter. But thank you.”

“Understood.” The Vulcan replied with a nod and turned to go back to the console he was running simulations on.

Orvos had indeed not been on duty…technically speaking. He was, however, in one of the jefferies tubes making some modifications to one of the tunnels leading to the Athena’s secret lab. The chief sighed as the call came through his combadge. He was getting used to her now, but that didn’t stop him from getting mixed signals from her orion heritage.

He tapped his combadge to reply. =/\=I’ll be in my office in a few minutes. You can meet me there if you wish.=/\=

He then closed the port to the lab, concealed the entryway, and crawled back through the tubes towards engineering.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Her smile took on a different demeanor.

“Unless, of course, you want to come take a look at my shower tomorrow morning. The Chief never seems to get around to it.” she said to Va’Rek with a wistful sigh as she turned to head towards Orvos’ office.

Arriving at Orvos’ office, she stepped in because he had said to meet him there hadn’t he?

Glancing around, she took a seat on the other side of the desk and set her two packages down bedside her resisting the urge to get up and snoop about. Perhaps that would come next time.

  • Marishka

  • Marishka

-Va’rek, Engineering

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