Side Sim: Science Labs on Deck 12 - Runaway Specimen

Posted March 2, 2021, 3:11 p.m. by Lieutenant Commander Liam Madison (Chief Science Officer) (Janice B.)

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Posted by Ensign Juvri Dei (Security Officer) in Side Sim: Science Labs on Deck 12 - Runaway Specimen

Posted by Ensign Juvri Dei (Security Officer) in Side Sim: Science Labs on Deck 12 - Runaway Specimen
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“I see…” said Juvri, taking the pad and looking at the picture. She frowned, thinking about the problem. “Um… where might it have escaped to? Could it have escaped the lab?” She asked. “And, oh, is it dangerous?” She added, thinking of the question. That would probably be good to know.

With the size of the creature, Juvri was thinking the lab suddenly seemed way too big, with lots of spaces something could hide. It likes warm things… She thought, considering where might be most likely, which prompted one more question. “Where have you already looked?

~ Ensign Juvri Dei, Security

Liam looked at the woman, noting her questions.

“It has more of a prey mentality than predator. If it can run, it will before it attacks. Usually, I can sit in my office and the creature will show up. It’s been nearly an hour since it has disappeared and that is unusual. Some officers made it a ritual to release and time its arrival to my office. The current record is less than a minute. ”

He took another moment to sort out the possible answers.

“It has a lot of similarities with an iguana, including a whip-like tail and claws to climb. The feathers appear to be for only display and internal temperature control. so anything an iguana can do, it is reasonably within its abilities.”

At her last question, he pointed to the creature’s container and the area around it.

“I just recently started the search before your arrival. As I said, usually sitting in the office will draw it out. ” He wondered if she would ask about that, though the reason was clear in the reports. A past mission had resulted in a symbiotic creature now residing in his body. It latched onto his spine and replaced his trapezoid muscles on his back. It had altered his genetics to ensure certain odd side effects like producing heat from his palms.

“I’m worried it’s stuck somewhere.”

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

He mentioned that it comes to him in his office twice, she noted, but she asked no questions about it. She thought maybe she should, but she didn’t want to be nosy, either. “Hm… Okay, let’s start looking then. What produces heat around here…?” She asked, looking around. The lab was full of machines and equipment she did not recognize, so she found herself unsure if any produced the heat Liam said the creature was attracted to. If it did get stuck, in something was usually a good start.

~ Ensign Juvri Dei, Security

“I’ve not yet searched my office, but I have looked in its habitat and area around there. Mainly around whatever vents I could find. I found the most productive heat sources are usually the habitat lighting or myself. I believe we also have some heating vents to ensure the temperature remained steady, but I don’t see how it could’ve accessed those.” Liam explained as he pointed to the local machines around a meter from the habitat.

“I’m hoping it didn’t find a way to an access or finding it might require a whole ship search.” The CSO gestured toward the direction of his office, ready to lead the security officer there.

-CSO, Liam J. Madison, Sci.

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-Janice B

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