Betazed - Time for a Road Trip

Posted March 5, 2021, 6:59 p.m. by Lieutenant Konral Vander (Chief of Security) (Steven Sigle)

Posted by Fleet Captain Ghubari Koraia (Captain) in Betazed - Time for a Road Trip

Posted by Lieutenant Konral Vander (Chief of Security) in Betazed - Time for a Road Trip

Posted by Fleet Captain Ghubari Koraia (Captain) in Betazed - Time for a Road Trip
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“Tracing trajectory… ” Konral said as they began to exit the Athena as he lined up the jump waiting to get a safe distance from the ship. “Locking in our point… here… we… go.” he said as he pressed the final pannel as the shuttle began to warp out.”

Vander, CoS

It was strange, but Ghubari held her breath as they went to warp. As if it might not happen. Inevitably, something would draw her back to the ship or need her attention. But as they actually made it to warp, her emotions fluctuated and she wasn’t quite sure if they were good or bad.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“So…” Konral said as he looked over at Ghubari with a warm and tender smile. “Whatever should we do, it’s a two-day trip you know, did you have any plans or agendas or should I just wing it as I go… I am pretty good at that.” Konral said as he pushed his chair back.

Vander, CoS

Ghubari watched the streaking stars, suddenly overwhelmed by emotions. The one that stuck out the most though was oddly relief. Turning her pale amber eyes on her husband, she suddenly found herself crying. She opened her mouth to say something but shook her head, gazing back out the front window.

“I don’t know why, but I’m glad to be off the ship and it feels wrong somehow,” she said softly.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“We all need time away, I mean… when /WAS/ the last time we had a chance away? I love our ship but… my word love it feels so long since we ever been away. It’s not wrong to find a time away, recharge us for our personal life and public… this is going to be good love.” he said softly, looking over at her softly with his dark eyes as he moved over to her leaving the cockpit as he sat down as he put his arm around her to let her rest her head on his shoulder.

Vander, CoS

Letting herself melt a little into his frame, Ghubari inhaled slowly. “It’s not that this isn’t good. Downtime is necessary. It’s just that I wasn’t expecting to feel… relief, Konral. After everything… I don’t know, it’s hard to explain.”

Shaking her head, she felt rather silly and wiped the errant tear from her face. “Never mind all that. I’m going to grab some chai. Anything for you?”

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“Is you in a slinky number and some soft Jazz part of the options?” Konral said with a smirk as he thought on the question as he mulled over a real answer for a second. “Maybe some vulcan spiced tea as well… but don’t forget the soft Jazz.” he said playfully, wanting to lift his wife spirits up and hoping he could do that during this trip.

Vander, CoS

She gave him a lopsided grin. “Tea and jazz for sure, but I’ll see what I can do about the other. We are on our honeymoon after all,” she said with a wink as she moved into the back of the runabout.

It seemed as if the father away from the Athena they travelled, the more introspective but also relaxed Ghubari became. And it wasn’t until they began to enter orbit to get clearance to land that she really started to feel like she was free of the last threads of worry that had been sitting in her mind. Or rather, she had tucked them away neatly rather mindful of the fact that she was going to be spending the better part of the next ten days amongst a planet full of telepaths, most of whom not only didn’t have clearance to know about their last mission, but wouldn’t really understand it either. Hell, some moments she wasn’t she if she did herself.

Sitting in the co-pilot’s seat given he knew where they were going, Ghubari tossed him a grin. “We’re slightly early. Is that going to be a good thing or cause panic?” she said with a laugh.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“I wanted it to be early actually, so this is all to plan.” Konral said as he glanced out the window with a goofy smile as he felt the familiar or precenses that he knew would be familiar to Ghubari too.

“Oh really?” she said, casting a smirk her husband’s way as she got to her feet and triggered the opening to the runabout.

Opening the door came the face of Dalera, Konrals oldest sister, along with her wife T’Pel who happened to be half Vulcan half Betazed as the pair smiled warmly at the two.

“Ghubari!” shouted Dalera as she came running to wrap her arms around her old XO.

“Ahhh, Dalera!” she greeted warmly, returning the embrace tightly.

“T’Pel, come her hon you look lovely” Konral said as he wrapped his arms around his sister in law as he kissed her cheek before separating.

Vander, CoS

Releasing Dalera and not realizing how emotional it made her feel to be here, Ghubari shook her head. “I’m sorry it took us so long to be able to arrange this. But definitely not sorry made Ral tell all fo you we had impromptu wedding,” she said with a laugh.

Fl Captain Koraia, CO officially on vacation

“Don’t worry… all our lives have been crazy. We were told to escort you but I figured it could give us all a chance to talk. Most of the family is not here yet, just the siblings and mom and dad and our grandparents. So you have time to get used to the quiet before it becomes… well a Vander party is a bit crazy.” Dalera said as T’Pel nodded, before noticing she was nodding perhaps a little too much.

“I mean, of course there is so much love too… so much love.” she said with a small smile as if she didn’t want them to feel like she didn’t love her wife and brother in laws family. “Okay I am not going to lie, do you like peace of mind? Cause they will want to know everything.” T’Pel said wanting to prepare her newest sister in law and not really one to shy away of telling how she felt.

“T’Pel didn’t grow up with anyone but her mom being telepath, you were the only for a long time too Rain… so now it’s going to be a planet full of people trying to butt in… and they all want to know everything. T’Pel and I desperately wanted people to not know we dated briefly and that caused a month long debate and people worried about us sitting next to each other… okay yes they are nosy I’ll say it too.” Konral shimed in with a smirk as the quadro began walking down the street.

Vander, CoS

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