Holodeck - Beach Day Side Sim (Free for anyone to join)

Posted April 5, 2021, 1:02 p.m. by Commander R'han (Chief Tactical Officer) (Luke Hung)

Posted by Commander R’han (Chief Tactical Officer) in Holodeck - Beach Day Side Sim (Free for anyone to join)

Posted by Commander R’han (Chief Tactical Officer) in Holodeck - Beach Day Side Sim (Free for anyone to join)

Posted by Commander R’han (Chief Tactical Officer) in Holodeck - Beach Day Side Sim (Free for anyone to join)
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R’han stared at the Holodeck program log. He tilted his head. He was certain he had saved this time for his survival course. It was a combination ‘escape room’ mysteries along with an survival course combat sim. It kept him healthy, mental sharp, and suspicious. In fact this could be some sort of advance test set up by the complex program he designed. Although he didn’t think, ‘Baxter Beach Bungalow Beta’ was some sort of trick the computer was playing on him.

The sun was shining, the soft breeze gently tickling the leaves of the palm trees. The ocean waves lapped gently on the shore, providing that soothing sound that one naturally associated with the beach.

The setting was a luxurious beach resort, a large building situated on a hill overlooking the ocean. A garden path led from the main resort area to the beach, which was littered with lounge chairs and umbrellas. Several large canopies were spaced about, sheer curtains on each side tied back to the posts.

R’han looked about for a moment, he surmised that he should blend in. “Computer redress me in appropriate beach wear, long swim trunks, and sunglasses model 22a.” While the computer placed the trunks on him, he stripped off the superfluous clothes. He had the common Vulcan lean muscular swimmer build now completely revealed as he was shirt less.

Under one of the canopies, perched comfortably on a lounge chair, Kaylee lay gazing out at the water. She had donned an emerald green colored bikini, a large floppy white hat on top her head, and large sunglasses over her eyes.

A cocktail waiter approached her, a muscular built man in a skimpy speedo type bathing suit and carrying a small round tray. “Can I get you anything from the bar?”

“I’ll have a mango margarita,” Kaylee said, smiling. The man smiled back, and then turned towards another group of people farther down the beach.

Leaning back in her chair, Kaylee closed her eyes for a moment enjoying the breeze, and the calmness it brought her.

-Kaylee Baxter

R’han slipped from umbrella to umbrella until he reached Kaylee. He exhaled heavily, his doubts were now confirmed. He definitely was in the wrong program. Knowing it would be very suspicious and certainly rude to enter then leave without acknowledgement, he chose to announce himself. Clearing his throat, twice, the second time loudly he gazed on the young commander.

“You wouldn’t happen to be here to kill me?” One last chance of this to be some sort of survival exercise.


With a start, Kaylee sat up, a smile creeping on her face. “Now this would be quite the setting for a murder mystery, wouldn’t it?” She adjusted her sunglasses. The shades over her eyes masked the clear surprise she had in seeing R’han here. Out of the numerous crew members that she might imagine joining in a public run relaxation program, his was not the face she would have expected to see.

“It wouldn’t be the first time an attractive female was used to distract an unsuspecting male.” R’han however was far from unsuspecting.

“One could only hope.” R’han frowned, feeling the need to explain himself so he didn’t sound insane. “I was hoping that the computer had adapted this program to be part of my survival program… sort of like how Kato would randomly attack the Pink Panther in one of the human movies - if you ever seen those ancient 2D films.”

She indicated to the lounge chair neat to her. “Please, kick your feet up and relax. I just ordered myself a drink. Would you like anything?” She paused. “How are you doing today?”

-Kaylee Baxter

“I will ask the server when he or she returns.” He stared at the chair for a moment then over at Kaylee. “I’m sure I can spare a few minutes.” He sat awkwardly on one edge of a lounge chair, then spun his body so he was laid out. The sun was fairly mild in comparison to Vulcan, less so for Romulus. “Are you trying to get a tan? There are a number of chemical reactants that would garner those results more evenly in less time.”


Kaylee smiled. “My pale skin and the sun don’t always get along. That’s why I chose a spot under cover.” She pointed above to the roof of the canopy, smiling. “Is this not your idea of relaxation?” She asked him.

“Sunning, only gives a cosmetic change that has no practical value. The warmth however can have some relaxing and sedative effects, which,” he shrugged “understandably can be ‘enjoyable’” he seemed upset that he even admitted that he kind of enjoyed being in a warm environment. “Some even enjoy the rhythm of the slapping of the waves on the shoreline.”

The cocktail waiter appeared again with Kaylee’s drink. “Oh thank you,” Kaylee said, accepting the drink from the young man.

The cocktail waiter turned to R’han. “May I bring you anything, sir?”
-Kaylee Baxter

“An Andorian Star-Fire.” He said after a short pause. “Its mostly sucrose and alcohol, but I believe that is the point.”

OOC: This looks like fun… ;) lol

IC: Orvos had learned much about being sneaky, and this had proven to be an excellent opportunity. Outside of view, Orvos had gotten dressed in a pair of swimshorts that were perhaps a bit too snug. He also donned a loose fitting shirt with a pair of sunglasses to boot. He had never really had a chance to spring up on the CTO in such a manner, so he seized it for all it was worth. He gingerly pickup a ball of sand with a bit of water to help mold it into a smooth ball.

WIthout giving away his position, he snuck to a point on R’han’s left and flung the sandball so as to hit him square on the side of the face. His heart nearly stopped in anticipation as it made its way through the air towards it’s designated target.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

OOC: I think you overestimate the distance and accuracy of a sand ball .. and that someone getting hit in the face (particularly a Vulcan) would think its funny… but I’m game.

More than a little startled by the sudden arrival of a sand missile, R’han rocked into an upright position while sputtering out a slight mouthful of sand. Given the low lethality of the attack he was able to immediately and subconsciously dismiss that this was part of his training exercise. He did a quick 90 degree scan and was able to note only one assailant.

“With your permission,” he spoke while he acted pulling Kaylee’s umbrella out of the sand and using it as a shield.


Kaylee giggled. “By all means, if it makes you feel better.” She looked around to try and see who might have thrown the sand. She had left the program running as a public open program, so she assumed any crew that might have been interested could come to join her.

-Kaylee Baxter

OOC: I’m dying laughing at this exchange! lol! My wife looked at me with a concerned expression while I internally imagined this. hahahaha. Oh man, I’m highly amused.

IC: Orvos strolled up, hands up, and laughing. “Surprised? Don’t worry, I’m actually skilled in being sneaky.” He bowed before them. “Mr. R’han, Miss Kaylee, a pleasure if I do say so myself.”

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

“Well hello,” Kaylee said, smiling. “Please join us. How are you doing? Hopefully not too bored here on the station without an entire ship to take care of.” He may not be able to see her eyes flashing under her sunglasses but he would not doubt hear the playful tone to her voice.

R’han nodded slightly. Attack and then form a truce preventing a counter-attack… clever if a little underhanded. He then smiled. “If I understand the protocol correctly.... I invoke the old human code of vengeance.” He paused dramatically. “I owe you one.”

R’han made every effort to return the umbrella to its original position, which was easier that imagined since both the unbrella and the sun were holographic… ironic and amusing to use a holographic shade to block holographic light....


The cocktail waiter returned, giving R’han a puzzled look as to why the man held a large beach umbrella, yet was standing under the shade of a canopy.

“Don’t ask” R’han said in a tone more friendly than his norm.

OOC: Mostly because I was picturing something different when you described the scene, but the rule about improv is to say “yes”

“Your drink sir,” the young man said, holding out his try towards R’han. He looked over to Orvos. “Anything for you, sir?”

-Kaylee Baxter

“Thanks,” the common human niceties were to be observed even with holographic individuals. “Beyond, enjoying the scenery is there any thing else you do in this program?” The sand attack notwithstanding it seemed a little sedate.


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