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Posted by Lieutenant Commander Orvos Legen (Chief Engineer) in Main Engineering

Posted by Civilian Marishka (Lounge Host) in Main Engineering

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Orvos Legen (Chief Engineer) in Main Engineering
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It was early evening the day after the promotion ceremony. Marishka had looked for Orvos most of the night. Between serving drinks and making pleasantries the Chief Engineer had eluded her so, she had decided to make a rare foray from The Parthenon and meet him in his domain.

Stepping out of the lift she carried a long case in one hand and a small bag in the other. Her impressive figure wrapped in pale gold velvet from right shoulder to upper thigh. Her black boots made no sound on the deck. Glancing around she caught the first set of eyes looking her way.

“Where is your master? I mean… Where’s the Chief Engineer?” she asked calmly.

  • Marishka

The Vulcan’s eyebrows rose at the term ‘master’. “Lt Legen isn’t on Duty just now, have you tried contacting him?” his voice was even, but not quite as robotic as a Vulcan usually might sound. He continued entering something into his PaDD as he spoke.

-Va’rek, Engineer

Marishka noticed the raised eyebrow and realized she had spoken out of turn.

“Yes, I should do that. I was under the impression he was here though. Perhaps I should leave a note with the appropriate department to check the computers again. My apologies for disturbing you.” she said calmly.

=^=Chief Legan. This is Marishka. May I meet you somewhere please?=^=

  • Marishka

“Is there something I could help you with? Is something broken?” Va’rek asked once Marishka had made her comm call.
-Va’rek, Engineer

Marishka smiled politely.

“No. This is a personal matter. But thank you.”

“Understood.” The Vulcan replied with a nod and turned to go back to the console he was running simulations on.

Orvos had indeed not been on duty…technically speaking. He was, however, in one of the jefferies tubes making some modifications to one of the tunnels leading to the Athena’s secret lab. The chief sighed as the call came through his combadge. He was getting used to her now, but that didn’t stop him from getting mixed signals from her orion heritage.

He tapped his combadge to reply. =/\=I’ll be in my office in a few minutes. You can meet me there if you wish.=/\=

He then closed the port to the lab, concealed the entryway, and crawled back through the tubes towards engineering.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Her smile took on a different demeanor.

“Unless, of course, you want to come take a look at my shower tomorrow morning. The Chief never seems to get around to it.” she said to Va’Rek with a wistful sigh as she turned to head towards Orvos’ office.

Arriving at Orvos’ office, she stepped in because he had said to meet him there hadn’t he?

Glancing around, she took a seat on the other side of the desk and set her two packages down bedside her resisting the urge to get up and snoop about. Perhaps that would come next time.

  • Marishka

-Va’rek, Engineering


Orvos strolled by Va’rek in a disheveled state giving Va’rek a nod before making his way into his office.

Orvos had mentally prepared himself for her being present, so was not taken by surprise with her pheromones. To say they had no effect would have been a lie though. He took a seat opposite her at his desk. “What can I do for you Marishka?” he inquired, curious about the two packages beside her. He made no indication he had seen them, however what sort of El Aurian would he be if he hadn’t taken in as much detail as he could. He could feel a story beginning to unfold. He leaned forward, hands folded before him on the desk as he listened.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Marishka leaned down and picked up the smaller package, set it on the desk, and slid it across to him. Settling back, she waited a few seconds.

“I looked for you but, as usual, you were elusive as you wanted to be. It was a party so I take no offense. This is to say Congratulations on your promotion. I’m quite certain you deserve it.”

In the small bag was a bottle of Scorpion’s Kiss and two small heavy glasses. Marishka couldn’t tell if he actually enjoyed the drink or not so had decided not to be upset if she saw it sitting on his shelf six months later. The Humans always said it was the thought that counted. The other present was for later.

  • Marishka

Orvos picked up the bottle and eyed it as she spoke. He grinned, saying, “Thank you. I’ll be saving this for some special occasion I’m sure.”

He was not used to people bringing gifts, let alone for a promotion. He had seen the ranks in the past. He also knew the responsibilities that came with them. The question plaguing his thoughts would not disappear, so he asked away. “I’m thankful for certain, but why me? Or did you do something like this for all who received a promotion?” He wasn’t accusatory, but he was indeed curious.

-Lt. Orvos Legen, CE

Marishka smiled.

“Because you are you. I have seen some very interesting people in my time and I find the most interesting ones are usually bets acknowledged and remembered because, if I don’t do it now, I’ll be sorry I didn’t someday when I can’t anymore. Also, you just didn’t seem like the champagne type. Not to mention that I just couldn’t find you for the toast.”

Marishka had been behaving herself but, at that moment, she couldn’t help but let a bit of pretty pout show in her words and facial expression. It was, after all, in her nature.

  • Marishka

Orvos relaxed a little. To her credit, she had behaved quite well in his department’s domain. He gave a slight playful grin as he leaned toward her, perhaps not fully realizing his defenses lowering. “I’m glad. Keeps everyone on their toes and myself confident that I’m one of the very few to know every nook and cranny of this ship. It would be a right shame if someone found my secret hiding spots, after all.”

He then leaned back again. “So, what’s the second box for?” he inquired.

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

The mention of a secret hiding spot brought Marishka right back to the day when he had come upon her supposedly alone in The Parthenon. That moment when she had found him out could have ended in bloodshed or some other form of intimacy. Instead it had embarked them on the evolution of fixing the damned sound system which lead tot he second box. Leaning over, she picked it up and stood to walk around his desk, the gold velvet of her dress clung to her body draping nicely at the hips.

Orvos kept his eyes trained on hers as she moved to his side of the desk, though he did absentmindedly happen to briefly notice how her dressed fit on her hips.

“I just had to present this to you. Have you ever known someone and something were just meant to be together?” she asked.

Perhaps her defenses were a bit lower than Orvos was used to seeing as well.

The box Marishka cradles was 48 inches long by 24 inches wide, and 10 inches deep. She didn’t go so far as to put a bow on it or to wrap it but, the object inside was secure.

  • Marishka

Orvos raised an eyebrow before turning the box around. There was a part of him that wanted to whip out his tricorder and make a thorough scan of it before even attempting to pry the lid off. However, he wasn’t sure that would portray an accurate form of trust. He put his hands on the top but did not open it. He looked at her one more time and asked, “This isn’t going to kill me, is it?”

-Lt. Commander Orvos Legen, CE

An amused smile played at the corner of Marishka’s lips.

“I can think of more entertaining ways to kill you my engineer. Besides, it hasn’t yet.” was all she said.

  • Marishka

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