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“The Captain just kindly asked you to allocate me the VIP quarters. It would be very helpful if my two aides were close by. They take their job very seriously”. She continued to walk as they talked heading unerringly towards the quarters soon to be hers.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Ghubari let the correction slid smoothly on by, though she cast a tiny wink Jennifer’s way. It was all good. “A welcome party. Well, we can certainly host one of those. I keep joking that I have command over a very large cruise ship, facility-wise, of course. I’m sure the host of our lounge, called the Pathenon will be easily able to accommodate a social gathering on short notice.”

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

“The Parthenon, such an exquisite name, I’m sure that would be the perfect place for a party”. The Admiral paused for a moment and then continued “Please don’t go to too much trouble though, this is meant to be a relaxing cruise after all. I simply want to meet people. I feel like one day people will look back on this ship as they do the Enterprise and Captain Kirk and selfishly I just want to be able to say, that I was there”.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Wallace flushed at the mistake, then refocused on her typing. “I’ll meet you in the lounge later, I have some… Logistics to take care of,” she apologized, then turned and rushed in the opposite direction. Hopefully Hammor had gotten her message and had made sure the VIP quarters were in good condition and ready for arrivals.

Wallace, XO

Koraia just nodded in Jennifer’s direction. They were still finding their groove but she had a good feeling about her new XO.

The Admiral muttered, “I do hope I didn’t hurt the poor girl’s feelings”. She seemed genuinely distraught at the thought.

“She’ll be alright,” Ghubari said with confidence. “As for being on our one day famous ship, Admiral, I take that as the compliment it was, but I hope you can understand that for much of the crew we wish we were a little less good at what we do. Nonetheless, I will suggest you be careful what you wish for. On the Athena things have a way of happening that we least expect that test our limits.”

The admiral stopped walking and put her hand on Ghubari’s shoulder for a brief moment, her eyes were sympathetic, “Your efforts are appreciated by more than you know” she said with a small smile and then moved to walk off again…

Karina was off duty and taking her usual walk around the ship when she came around the corner and did a double hop out of the way to keep from kareening into the CO and Admiral. “Captain!” She gasped by way of apology. “So sorry. Seems I was lost in my head.” She nodded to the Admiral. “Forgive me.” Her hair was down from its usual severe regulation coil, the edges brushing on her hips as she came to rest after to misstep. Green eyes glanced from one officer to the other as she hoped she wasn’t about to get an earful on running ragged around the ship. Her smile was bright and easy, though a slight flush on her cheeks spoke of recent exertion.

Lt Karina Niles

“Nothing to forgive my dear”, the Admiral looked more amused than annoyed as they made their way through the corridors. “Name. rank and what have you been doing?”. The Admirals request was couched more as a joking question than a directive.

Gamemaster Conspiracy Theorist

Karina was about to duct out, more embarrassed than anything, when the Admiral’s question had her seamlessly falling into step just behind and to the right of him. “Lieutenant Karina Niles, Sir. I am a doctor here on the ship. I mostly work with major trauma, but in recent days, I merely help out where I am needed. I fear nothing super exciting.” She didn’t mention Lieutenant Commander Madison’s special needs. It wasn’t her secret to share. But she made sure the Admiral knew she wasn’t some fluffhead nurse who merely walked around and handed the Doc his scanner when he bellowed.


“And how do you like Athena my dear?” The Admiral’s question seemed oddly phrased.

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Ghubari stood there beside the Admiral with the same amused expression on her face. Whether or not she was fazed by all these little developments or not was not obvious.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

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Karina tried to keep from laughing. “Well, Sir. I like it well enough I risked a Court Marshal to help find her when she was lost. The Athena is my home and I think the crew is like an extended family. I’ve been to several places and stationed on a few ships. This has been the closest knit and well run ship I’ve been on. And I’m not just saying that.” She laughed lightly. “I really did risk a Court Marshall.” She tried to keep her eyes averted from the CO. She had gone out time and again when the Athena was lost. And the last time she had gone out, before the time travelers had come to their aid and assistance, she had done so against orders from the Station Commander. It wasn’t a moment she was proud of. But one she’d do again if she had too.


The Admiral gave a slight guffaw, “Now I recognise your name. Very brave of you to take on the establishment on behalf of Athena and of course the end justified the means so they let you off. Bit of a theme there that’s continued for centuries. Extended family you say, well I’m starting to feel that vibe already”.

In part of her promotion from Konral, Izzy was in charge of a whole duty shift of security officers. She didn’t know if Konral was awake during the announcement and felt it her duty to approach the captain or XO about security concerns, whomever she ran into first. It seemed today was the Captain’s lucky day as she saw the Captain with an Admiral she had been informed was onboard and a small contingent. The Captain seemed to be observing the conversation being held by the Admiral and Doctor Karina Niles which gave her the opportunity to approach. Quitely she touched the Captain’s arm to get her attention. “Ah Captain. I am sorry to possibly intrude, but I was wondering what your directives for security would be? Regulations state that we cannot all go onto the surface and must maintain a presence on board, to be switched out of course through the duration so everyone gets time on the surface.” Her lilting Irish brogue was quiet so as to be as unobtrusive as possible. “Do you have a preference for the number of security officers and any special orders for while you are away?”

Delaney, Sec

The Admiral watched on with interest to see what would be said.

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