And Another Chapter Opens

Posted April 13, 2021, 9:13 p.m. by Captain Jennifer Wallace (Captain) (Miriam W)

Jennifer closed her eyes. This was real. She could barely believe it was real. First the missive from Ghubari and the ship-wide message. Then the call from Command. She was Captain. Captain.

Jenn sat against the wall in her quarters, shaking from the stress. “I just got here, and now I’m the Captain? I… I don’t know what to do.”

She pulled her PaDD out and started to type. “Hey, Dream Team. Jenn here. Well, guess what? I’ve been given the so-called highest honour. They’ve made me Captain.”

She stared at her screen for a few minutes before the replies started coming in from the group chat.

Shess: By the Stars, really?? Congratulations, my friend. You deserve it!
H’Morr: I am pleased to hear this. Well done, Jennifer.
Gari: Does this mean you’re going to invite us over as VIPs to your ship?
Krull: Honour is yours today, Wallace! Slay your enemies and wipe the floor with their entrails!!
H’Morr: Seriously, Krull??

Jennifer snorted with laughter at Krull’s response, and typed out a reply.

Jenn: I’ll keep that in mind for a battle strategy, you dork.
Shess: seriously though, you’re going to get us all high ranking positions on your ship, right?
Elonat: Would that not be something like nepotism??
Perse: it’s not Nepotism if we’re not related.

Jenn put down the PaDD, feeling a lot better. It continued to ding with notifications as the conversation continued, but her announcement had done the trick to get her out of her brief panic. Trust the dream team to make her feel better any time.

Thinking it was yet another message from the Dream Team, Jenn missed the message informing her of who her incoming XO was.

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