Side Sim: One by One - R'han

Posted April 14, 2021, 9:23 a.m. by Commander Tello Anaar (Executive Officer) (D Grisham)

Posted by Captain Jennifer Wallace (Captain) in Side Sim: One by One - R’han
Jennifer sat behind the desk in Ghu– no. Her office. It was very empty. She hadn’t moved her things from the XO’s office into here yet, and Ghubari had already cleared out. It was weird to think of the woman as gone. Not that Jenn had gotten much time to get used to her being here. But still.

She glanced down at the display on her terminal and let out a sigh. She didn’t feel like doing this. Not really. But it was good to know ones crew. She’d been working with them for a few weeks already, but as XO. Working with these people from the position of CO was probably going to be slightly different. With a new head, the family would change slightly. Konral was gone, so she’d have to find a new Chief of Security. Maybe she should discuss that with the Vulcan CTO. R’han. They’d had an uncomfortable first impression, but hopefully that could turn around.

Pressing the intercom, she paged R’han. =^=Captain to R’han, could I see you in the Ready Room? I have some things I’d like to discuss with you.=^=

Wallace, CO

=/\=Captain Wallace, Ensign Pease here, transporter room. The new XO just arrived and is on her way to your location. Pease out.=/\=

It didn’t take long for the half Betazoid to reach the bridge. Stepping from the turbolift, she took a moment to soak in the atmosphere. A few curious glances in her direction were warranted, the crew had undergone a huge change in losing one CO and being assigned another. Now they would have to get used to a new first officer too.

With a small nod at those her looked her way and an ‘as you were’, the Cmdr made her way to the ready room and palmed the chime.

—Anaar, XO

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