Side Sim: Arboretum - Invitation

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“We are both new enough on this ship, and it’s huge ship, that that might actually be the case,” Viyara laughed. “What would you do, if you found it?” she asked curiously, glancing at Jenn for a moment before letting her gaze wander through the space around them; taking in all the different plants while subconsciously also keeping track of who else was there and where the nearest exit was.

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

“Oh, I dunno. Maybe have a conversation with the sentient dolphins that live there?” Jennifer shrugged. “You know, if I had a nickel for each time I’d heard of a sentient dolphin people… I’d only have two nickels, but it’s weird that it happened twice,” she said, giving Viyara a wide grin. She started to walk again, glancing around at the plants until she noticed something interesting. “Holy cow, they’ve got Moon Blossoms??” She rushed over to the plant, crouching down to look at it.

Wallace, XO

Several spaces away but in plain sight, T’Pon was working on a flower bed with her infant daughter slung in a front pack sound asleep.


Laughing softly, Viyara followed Jenn towards the Moon Blossoms. She had never seen anyone get so excited about plants. It was sweet and made her happy. “You like them?” Viyara asked rhetorically as she watched her and it was a few moments till she noticed, from the corner of her eye, the movement of another person close by. Looking up, she saw that it was someone working on a flower bed and that they seemed to have a baby with them. From where Viyara stood and watched they both seemed happy. Between Jenn’s almost child like excitement and the parents with their child Viyara suddenly felt a wave of sadness wash over her. It felt as if someone had grabbed her heart and tightened their grip on it. Shifting her gaze towards the branches of a nearby tree, she focused on pushing those feelings away and to keep any hint of it off her face.

~Ensign Nazeen, Scientist

Jennifer nodded, looking at the plant, then at Viyara. “These things are, like, a family legacy. They were developed by an ancestor of mine,” she explained briefly. “They glow in the dark, and they’re super sturdy too.” She noticed T’Pon working on the flower bed and smiled, thinking it was sweet. Jenn reached out to touch the closed bud of the flower. “They only bloom at night, and when they do, they glow. It’s gorgeous. The ancestor who developed these, he did it for his wife. So these are alternately titled ‘Leah’s Starshine.’ Something about letting the stars come down to her, since she couldn’t go to the stars. I don’t remember exactly.”

Wallace, XO

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