Chchch Changes....

Posted April 19, 2021, 11:37 a.m. by Captain Jennifer Wallace (Commanding Officer) (Miriam W)

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Izzy sat back at her desk in her quarters and stared at the now dark screen. Ghubari’s message was finished and gone, soon to be replaced by the standard Star Fleet emblem on screen. Her thoughts were scrambled and she couldn’t seem to figure out what words meant. Finally, she stood and left to change out of her uniform and into comfortable clothes for her night off, then to get coffee and a snack from her replicator.

When she finally sat down on her couch, sipping on the hot beverage and its sweet pastry counterpart, she still had not felt a reconciling of the video message and her own thoughts. It was several more minutes before she was able to really start comprehending the change that would happen on the ship. She would miss the captain. Izzy could and would readily admit that to anyone. She had found a camaraderie with this captain that she had not on her last ship. She had found a place of belonging here, where her skills and confidence could grow, where she could continue to work through her anxiety and nightmares while being very good at her job. There had even been recognition, not only in the promoting to shift lead and team lead but also eventually being promoted in rank.

Ghubari had been an excellent Captain. She had shown a great deal of patience and creativity. She had been a source of resilience and support for the crew. Every crewman had come to trust her guidance and orders.

She sighed and chewed on her cherry danish. The questions arose on their own as her mind processed this new and very large change. Who would be the new captain? Would the new XO become Captain with a new XO due to arrive, or would they replace Ghubari with someone new already at rank for Captain who has experience in the position? The Athena was a large ship and had a tendency to get into some real scrapes. At the end of the day, no matter who it was, the dynamic would change. ​

So too would the Security Department. Izzy doubted Konral would stay if Ghubari was going on to a new position. If he did stay, it would only be for a short time so that he could transition the department. It seemed though, that he would not stay. Who would they bring in to replace him as Chief of Security? Could she possibly entertain the idea that they might promote from within the department? If so, it was very possible she was in the running. Star Fleet might give a bit of pushback due to her history, but maybe not. She put down the coffee and danish. Could it be possible?

Izzy felt the flutters of hope and bit her lip. Maybe, but there were others who might serve just as well. She was not the only team lead with experience. She tamped down her hope a bit, not wanting to get too excited. She would have to wait and see.

Delaney, Sec

~A few hours later~

=^=Wallace to Janna Kingston and Isabel Delaney. Could the two of you come to the Ready Room, please?=^=

Wallace, CO

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