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“And how do you like Athena my dear?” The Admiral’s question seemed oddly phrased.

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Ghubari stood there beside the Admiral with the same amused expression on her face. Whether or not she was fazed by all these little developments or not was not obvious.

Fl. Captain Koraia, CO

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Karina tried to keep from laughing. “Well, Sir. I like it well enough I risked a Court Marshal to help find her when she was lost. The Athena is my home and I think the crew is like an extended family. I’ve been to several places and stationed on a few ships. This has been the closest knit and well run ship I’ve been on. And I’m not just saying that.” She laughed lightly. “I really did risk a Court Marshall.” She tried to keep her eyes averted from the CO. She had gone out time and again when the Athena was lost. And the last time she had gone out, before the time travelers had come to their aid and assistance, she had done so against orders from the Station Commander. It wasn’t a moment she was proud of. But one she’d do again if she had too.


The Admiral gave a slight guffaw, “Now I recognise your name. Very brave of you to take on the establishment on behalf of Athena and of course the end justified the means so they let you off. Bit of a theme there that’s continued for centuries. Extended family you say, well I’m starting to feel that vibe already”.

In part of her promotion from Konral, Izzy was in charge of a whole duty shift of security officers. She didn’t know if Konral was awake during the announcement and felt it her duty to approach the captain or XO about security concerns, whomever she ran into first. It seemed today was the Captain’s lucky day as she saw the Captain with an Admiral she had been informed was onboard and a small contingent. The Captain seemed to be observing the conversation being held by the Admiral and Doctor Karina Niles which gave her the opportunity to approach. Quitely she touched the Captain’s arm to get her attention. “Ah Captain. I am sorry to possibly intrude, but I was wondering what your directives for security would be? Regulations state that we cannot all go onto the surface and must maintain a presence on board, to be switched out of course through the duration so everyone gets time on the surface.” Her lilting Irish brogue was quiet so as to be as unobtrusive as possible. “Do you have a preference for the number of security officers and any special orders for while you are away?”

Delaney, Sec

The Admiral watched on with interest to see what would be said.

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Karina smiled and nodded. “Well, if you are referring to the theme of asking for forgiveness instead of arguing permission, then I am happy to oblige. I can’t say I am usually reckless. But this time I couldn’t help but feel a tug that said I had to do it.” She shrugged slightly to hide the shudder, remembering that feeling, and maintained her smile. “And I am glad you are finding it friendly here. I would hate for you to think of us as uncaring bots.” She smiled and glanced sideways as the Captain spoke to the Security Chief. “Perhaps I should let you be. I don’t want to be in the way of your reasons for being here, Sir.” She looked back to the Admiral hoping she wasn’t causing a stir or upsetting a schedule with her interruption.


“None of that, ‘ the Admiral said with mock sternest and a toss of her long blonde hair, “I’m hardly going to let the friendliest person I have met so far run away so quickly.” Green eyes bored into her soul, “Why are you so hard on yourself my dear?” she asked patting Karina’s hand with one of her own.

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The touch was warm and welcome but also a bit startling to the Doctor. “I’m…” she had been about to deny she was hard on herself, but something made her realize that she would be lieing if she said that. “I’m honestly not sure, Ma’am. I guess I just want to be the best at what I do and that means sometimes being harder on myself than others because others will occasionally let you slide because they see stress, or fatigue, or even pity you. So you have to be your own push.” She wasn’t sure that was what she was supposed to say. But the woman realized as she bit her lip, that she had rambled that response out without thinking.

And now she was wishing she had merely excused herself and left. Though, despite all that… she was actually liking the Admiral.


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