Ready Room - Promotion Time

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On the way to the Paradise Planet, Jennifer realized that she had some structural reorganization to do. In pursuit of that, she went through her officer’s files and found two individuals who seemed like good fits for the positions she needed to fill following the departure of a few crewmembers.

=^=Wallace to Janna Kingston and Isabel Delaney. Could the two of you come to my Ready Room, please?=^=

Wallace, CO

Things had been in a slight state of upheaval recently, but it occurred to Janna that that seemed to be a perpetual state of the Athena. Today was no different. There were various department support tasks to do, not to mention her higher caseload as of late, but she was managing alright so far.

The comm from the newly promoted Wallace certainly snagged her attention though. =/\=Kingston here. On my way.=/\=

Setting aside the report she was drafting, Janna made her way up to the bridge and to the ready room, pressing the chime.

~Janna Kingston, Assistant CNS

“Enter!” Jennifer replied, and the doors slid open. She smiled warmly at Janna, getting up from her desk and stepping over to greet her. “Thank you for coming, Janna. I’m not one to beat around the bush, so I’ll say it straight. With Sean’s departure, we need a new head Counselor, and I think you’re the right woman for the job. What do you say?”

Wallace, CO

Janna shouldn’t have been surprised, but she was. Her brows arched. It wasn’t that she had been passed over previously but it was the first indication that she was seen as ready for the role. She gestured to one of the chairs at the desk. “May I?”

~Janna Kingston, Assistant CNS

Jenn nodded, grabbing a chair for herself and sitting down. “I’ve heard lots of good things about your skill as a counselor and your leadership qualities, particularly from the reports Sean sent to my desk when I was XO. And in the interactions we have had, I’ve seen his assessments to be accurate. I’m going to be honest, Janna. And not to your capacity as a Counselor, but towards your capacity as possible friend. I’m new on this ship. Not as new as most Captains are when they join a ship, but still new. I need people at my side who know the ship. Know the crew. The head counselor is supposed to be the left-hand man to the Captain, just as the XO is her right-hand man. I’d rather have you as my moral compass than someone I am completely unfamiliar with.”

Wallace, CO

Janna’s grass green eyes took in Wallace and after a moment she nodded. “I appreciate your openness. It makes it a great deal easier to offer the support you’re asking for. I’m honoured to be asked and I accept. I… understand this crew, and I know what you’re going through. I took over and had to fill a role that felt impossible at the time. Because the person who had held that role was such a significant person to this crew. And not just on this ship but it’s predecessor too. I’m confident we can navigate this together.”

~Janna Kingston, CNS

“Now that’s a story I’d love to hear sometime,” Jenn said with a wry smile. “Thank you, Janna. I look forward to working with you by my side. Now, where in the world is Isabel?” she wondered aloud.

Wallace, CO

Izzy woke with a start as she was called by the XO… no, new Captain, to the Ready Room. She had fallen asleep on her couch during her musings on the changes coming to the crew. As a result, she had embedded crumbs in her sweater, her hair was a riot of mess, and she had drooled a bit. Apparently, she had needed the nap. She stood and realized there would be no hope for it. She had to change before going to the Captain. She slipped out of her sweater and washed her face. Then she slipped into another of a deeper emerald green her mother had knitted her and set about to taming the curls a bit.

It had taken more time than she would like but it could not be helped. One does not meet the new Captain looking like you just woke up from a nap, disheveled and messy. Swiftly, she made her way to the Bridge and chimed when she got there.

As soon as the Captain allowed her entrance, she stepped in and smiled, giving a respectful nod to Janna, a counselor she had not truly gotten to know yet. In general, Izzy stayed away from counselors. They tended to want to fix her and never looked at her as a human being but a problem to be solved.

“My apologizes Captain. I was napping and figured it would not do for me to show up as is.” She gestured vaguely as her Irish brogue lightened her words. “Congratulations on your command.”

Delaney, Sec

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